The following is a list of free Fire pets with healing powers.


Garena Free Fire has a variety of characters and pets with unique skills that can greatly assist players on the ground.

In Free Fire, there are 15 different pets to choose from, each with their own set of abilities. However, a select number provide the player with healing skills. In a fast-paced battle royale game, having an HP edge is always the most valuable advantage.

Fire pets with healing skills are available for free.
3) Ottero


Double Blubber is Ottero’s ability. This skill allows players to recover EP whenever they use a Treatment Gun or a Med Kit at level 1. The quantity of EP recovered accounts for 35% of the total HP regained.

Ottero’s EP recovery at skill level 3 (peak level) is 65 percent of the total HP regained by the player. Long-duration matches, such as the classic and ranked modes, will benefit from it.

2) Spirit Fox

Spirit Fox

Well Fed is Spirit Fox’s special skill. When utilizing a health bag at level 1, it restores four HP to players. When utilizing a health pack, the pet heals 10 HP at its highest level (skill level 3).

In ranked mode, Spirit Fox is a strong choice for both passive and aggressive players.

1) Detective Panda

Detective Panda

At its highest level (skill level 3), Panda recovers 10 HP upon each kill.

Panda is best used in short, intense battle types (such as Clash Squad mode), where aggressive players can repeatedly regenerate HP while on the kill.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the individual opinion of the writer. Choosing a pet and prioritizing them over the other is one’s personal choice. Readers may have a different opinion.

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