The Free Fire ID, real name, nation rank, monthly income, and data of OP BNL have been disclosed.


OP BNL is one of the most well-known Middle Eastern Free Fire content developers. He is also a member of the well-known guild “OverPower.”

On YouTube, OP BNL presently has a huge 7.03 million subscribers.

The Free Fire true name and Free Fire ID of OP BNL

Oussema Elloumi is the real name of OP BNL. 297929835 is his Free Fire ID. His stats as of today (July 19th) are as follows:

Lifetime stats

OP BNL’s lifetime stats 

OP BNL has played in 26813 squad games and has 3687 triumphs, giving him a victory rate of 13.75 percent. In this mode, he has 90223 kills and a K/D ratio of 3.90.

The YouTuber has also played 774 duo matches and received 84 Booyahs, giving him a win rate of 10.85 percent. He has 1443 frags in these matches with a K/D ratio of 2.09.

OP BNL has played 1249 solo games and has won 78 of them, for a victory record of 6.24 percent. In this mode, he had 2409 kills with a K/D ratio of 2.06.

Ranked stats

OP BNL’s ranked stats

OP BNL has played 327 squad matches in the current rated season and has won 48 of them, for a win record of 14.67 percent. In these matches, he has 1318 kills and a K/D ratio of 4.72.

The creator of the material has yet to play a match in the rated solo and pair modes.

Please keep in mind that the statistics for OP BNL in this article were recorded at the time of writing. They are subject to change as the content developer continues to play Garena Free Fire games.

OP BNL’s monthly earnings and country ranking

OP BNL’s income from YouTube 

According to reports, OP BNL’s monthly YouTube income fluctuates from $3.9k to $62.7k. In terms of YouTube subscribers, his channel is the most popular in his country.

OP BNL’s YouTube channel

OP BNL has a YouTube account named “BNL” where he uploads Free Fire-related videos. The channel presently has 350 videos with a total of 472.38 million views. In the previous 30 days, it had 190,000 subscribers and 15.68 million views.

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