The GTA series has been banned in other nations five times.


The GTA series’ controversial nature is a big roadblock to its release outside of the United States.

While the United States isn’t Rockstar’s lone market, it is one of the most important in the video game business. Nonetheless, the Grand Theft Auto series is a global phenomenon that attracts players from all over the world. Unfortunately, strong censorship regulations are in place in a number of countries.

While GTA can be altered to meet ratings requirements, there are situations when a game is outright prohibited. The causes differ depending on a country’s cultural customs. Gambling, for example, is a major cause of tension in religiously conservative places. It’s a guarantee that the Grand Theft Auto franchise will confront international competition.

#5 – GTA Online gambling results in a massive international ban

The Diamond Resort and Casino update for GTA Online was published a few years ago. In-game currency can be purchased with real-world money. They can then use it to play a variety of casino games, including poker and slots. The gambling features, unsurprisingly, sparked debate.

There are far too many to name here, but Rockstar Games has been sanctioned in more than 50 nations. They then proceeded to outlaw GTA Online’s gambling features. SlapshotTommy, a Reddit user, was able to assemble the complete list. Argentina, Greece, Thailand, and the majority of the Middle East are among these countries.

Using various VPNs, some GTA players were able to get around the block. However, there is a legal risk associated with it.

#4 – A few Australian chains refuse to restock GTA 5 is a petition-based website that is frequently used to express dissatisfaction with perceived unfairness. Given its suggestive themes, the GTA franchise is no new to controversy. However, one group in Australia demanded that all games be removed from stores.

According to the petition, GTA 5 encourages players to conduct violent acts against women. They had a single aim in mind when they collected 47,971 signatures: to have Target and Kmart remove the game off shop shelves. Both firms eventually agreed to these conditions.

It’s worth noting that Westfarmers owns these locations, and their policies are hostile to R-rated merchandise. GTA 5, like other violent games, has an R18+ rating.

#3 – Licensing issues cause a temporary ban in Barueri

GTA 4 and its DLC episodes were once banned by a Brazilian court in Barueri. In one of their songs, Rockstar Games appears to have used an unlawful sample (Daniel Haaksman – Conga Kid feat. MC Miltinho). It was taken from Hamilton Lourenço da Silva’s Bota o Dedinho pro Alto.

The legal wrangling between Rockstar Games and the Brazilian composer was finally resolved. In 2012, the restriction was finally lifted. At the very least, players from that region are free to play The Ballad of Gay Tony.

For a long time, the GTA franchise has had licensing troubles. Several songs were removed from the Steam editions of Vice City and San Andreas. When the licenses ran out, Rockstar Games took over.

#2 – Thailand indefinitely bans GTA 4

Someone in Thailand went too far in 2008 when he robbed and killed a taxi driver. He wanted to play Grand Theft Auto, but his parents couldn’t afford it. The government campaigned for stricter laws against the GTA series as a result of this incident. The eventual conclusion was a ban.

The entire series has been prohibited in Thailand due to its allegedly filthy content. GTA players, on the other hand, will have little trouble finding the games online. Physical copies are far more difficult to come by, as most places do not stock them. This is true for the vast majority of countries that outright prohibit the product.

The country is mentioned in numerous Rockstar Games games, such as random pedestrian dialog. They do, however,

#1 – Saudi Arabia issues a country-wide ban GTA 5

Saudi Arabia attempted to prohibit popular games after a string of suicide games a few years ago. The General Commission for Audiovisual Media named GTA 5 as one of the 47 casualties (GCAM). They didn’t go into great depth regarding why these particular games were chosen.

GTA 5 is unquestionably a violent game, which likely influenced the kingdom’s decision to outright ban it. Saudi Arabian players were forced to discover alternative solutions because the game was region locked.

Due to the bans, physical copies will be tough to come by in the country. Aside from that, those who disobey the law may face penalties and jail.

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