The Indian women’s recurve archery team loses to Colombia, and their place in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 is jeopardized.


Deepika Kumari, Komalika Bari, and Ankita Bhakat of India’s women’s archery squad failed to rise to the occasion in their Tokyo Olympics Archery qualifiers in Paris on Sunday, losing 0-6 to Colombia.

In what may be called the biggest upset of the qualifications, the Indian women’s archery team, seeded second, put on a lackluster performance to bow out of the qualifiers with a whimper.

Colombia, placed 15th, put on a fantastic archery exhibition, effectively eliminating India from contention. Ana Maria Rendon, Valentina Acosta Giraldo, and Maira Sepulveda of Colombia shook India in all three sets. The final score in favor of the 15th seed was 55-54, 51-49, and 53-52.

Indian archery team outplayed

Colombia won the first set by a single point, 55-54, over India. Colombia hit the ‘X,’ a 10-pointer, in the first shot, and India responded with a ten-pointer of their own. India appeared to be gaining the upper hand when they scored a second ten, but Colombia’s consistency in scoring nines three times and an eight in the final shot kept them in the game, compared to India’s scores of 9,9,8 and 8.

Colombia started the second set with another ‘X,’ while India managed another 10. India, on the other hand, only managed to score five points with the final stroke, falling behind by two points. Colombia jumped off to a two-set lead with a score of 51-49.
Indian archery team outplayed
Colombia started with another ‘X’ in the third set and in a bid to desperately get back into the game, the Indian women’s archery team could only manage 10, 10, 9, 8, 8, 7, with a total of 52, thereby failing to go past Colombia’s score of 53.
Earlier, India and Mexico were the top two seeds in the Tokyo Olympics archery qualifiers. The top eight teams needed to win just three of their matches while the remaining 16 squads had to win four. The top eight seeds play from the second round after receiving a bye in the first.

India will have four archers traveling to Tokyo for the Olympics. While the men’s recurve archery team comprising Atanu Das, Pravin Jadhav and Tarundeep Rai will compete in the team event, Deepika Kumari will compete in the women’s individual archery event.

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