The Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information has received a request to prohibit PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, and other online mobile games: Report


Sapuan, the Regent of Mukomuko, has requested for a ban on online game sites and programs, including PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, and Mobile Legends, according to Antara. These titles have been identified as having a harmful impact on youngsters.

PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire are two of the most popular battle royale games for mobile devices. The games have surpassed all expectations in terms of popularity and are regarded industry giants.

PUBG Mobile has been scrutinized by authorities around the world in recent years for a variety of reasons, including being dubbed an agent of addiction. As a result, the game has been outlawed in various nations, including Nepal, Pakistan, and India. However, in the majority of situations, the title was able to make a comeback.

In Indonesia, an official request to ban games like Free Fire has been filed.
The Regent of Mukomuko province has petitioned the Minister of Communication and Information to implement a national or district-wide ban on online games.

Antara, according to Bustari Maller, the head of the Mukomuko Regency Communication & Information Office.

“The regent has submitted an application letter to ask the Minister of Communication and Information through the Directorate General of Information at the Ministry of Communication and Information to block ‘online games’ in the Mukomuko Regency area.”

He went on to say that the games are bad for a child’s development, health, and education. According to Bustari, he said:

“They, the children, have become addicts to online games so that this condition should immediately receive serious attention from the central government.”

The regent had requested the ministry to prohibit the games since the local government lacked the jurisdiction to do so, according to Maller.

Dedy Permadi, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Communication and Information, said Antara in response to the letter,

“The Ministry of Communications and Informatics will, in principle, process and consider all blocking requests that we receive in accordance with applicable regulations”

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