The list of legendary emotes and other awards for the new Emote Party event in Free Fire has been published


Emotes are a unique feature of Free Fire that players utilize to communicate on the battlefield. Events are added to Free Fire on a regular basis, providing players with a variety of things, including emotes.

The Emote Party event was just recently added to the game by the creators. It has a large number of legendary and rare emotes that players can obtain. This article offers users with an overview of the event as well as a list of the prizes.

The list of legendary emotes and other awards for the new Emote Party event in Free Fire has been published.

List of legendary emotes and other rewards

Here are the rewards of the event:

Grand prizes (Legendary emotes)

  • More Practice
  • Doggie
  • Tea Time
  • Eat My Dust
  • Booyah!

Normal prize

LOLKongfuDeath GlareParty DanceShake it UpWiggle WalkShake with meMoon FlipThreatenDangerous GameBaby SharkProvokeHello!ApplauseDabArm WaveCube FragmentDiamond Royale VoucherWeapon Royale VoucherGreat Plunder Groza BoxCarrot-Nator AN94 BoxMaster of Minds Gun BoxJustice Fighter Gun BoxVictory Wings Gun BoxPharaoh Gun BoxShark Attack Gun BoxEndless Oblivion Badge50x Universal FragmentPet FootGold Royale VoucherSummon Airdrop

About the event

Emote Party commenced on April 29th in Free Fire

The Emote Party event started on April 29th and will end on May 5th in Free Fire. It includes five legendary emotes as well as a variety of other goodies, all of which are detailed above.

To draw the things at random, players must spend diamonds, the in-game currency. Normal and Super draws are the two types of draws. They cost 19 and 199 diamonds, respectively, with the latter ensuring an emote as a prize. On their sixth Super Draw, users will also receive the emote “More Practice.” At the same time, they’ll get a legendary emote after every fifth draw.

They can gain access to the event by following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Open Free Fire and select the “Calendar” icon on the right side of the screen. Step 2: After that, users should go to the event tab and select the “Emote Party” option.

Press the “GO TO” button

Step 3: They must select the needed draw by clicking the “GO TO” button.

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