The MG 82 nerf in Call of Duty: Warzone was announced only 24 hours after the game’s release.


Season 4 of Call of Duty Warzone has just been released, and it includes a plethora of new content. This new season, like every other, introduced a slew of new operators, tying it all together with the Adler-Stitch story arc, with another antagonist serving as the season’s main operator highlight.

Players in Warzone now have access to new weapons thanks to the addition of new operators. These additions are accompanied by some changes to the game’s existing weapon balance. The MG 82 LMG and C58 Assault Rifle are two of the new models. While most players are pleased with the assault rifle, the MG 82 LMG quickly became a nightmare after its release. There have been numerous reports that the MG 82 is completely broken in Warzone.

Raven Software appears to have taken its promise to increase the time-to-kill average in Warzone lightly. Warzone players have been subjected to a number of updates in which completely broken weapons have been added to the game. There was the Bruen meta, and more recently, the Mac-10 meta, where gamers were simply melting enemies in Warzone in milliseconds.

Raven Software set to nerf MG 82 in Warzone soon

According to recent developments, the MG 82 meta will not be around for long. Raven Software addressed the weapon on Twitter, admitting that it is broken and that a nerf is on the way.

While the majority of players will be pleased with this development, some abusers who spent their money grinding out the battle pass to tier 15 on the first day to unlock the paid blueprint will be disappointed.

In Verdansk, MG 82 can be found as ground loot, making it even more dangerous because any player can pick up a broken weapon. Fully stacked loadout weapons may fall against it, making the fight unbalanced. The video below shows the weapon’s insane time-to-kill and why it clearly deserves the nerf.

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