The new avatar of PUBG Mobile India causes concern and pushes the corporation to act – see the highlights.


PUBG Mobile India and its new avatar Battlegrounds Mobile India were involved in a controversy that sparked a social media firestorm, forcing the South Korean corporation to respond – see highlights.

Battlegrounds Mobile India, the new PUBG Mobile India avatar, has entered into yet another major scandal, which it should have avoided at all costs. It was discovered that it was exchanging the data of Indian consumers with foreign nations, particularly China. This was discovered during a test conducted by IGN. Krafton, a South Korean game firm, moved immediately once this was widely published and there was a social media backlash. Prior to the official launch of its new Battlegrounds Mobile India game, Krafton announced on Tuesday that it will continue to strictly monitor and protect any data passed to “unexpected and restricted IP addresses.” India is having a Battlegrounds Mobile update. Currently, there is a “early access testing period” in the country.

The announcement came amid claims that Krafton’s new Battlegrounds Mobile India was allegedly transmitting data from Indian customers to Chinese servers, according to PTI. Despite the fact that PUBG was outlawed by the Indian government last year due of security concerns about data sharing, this has happened. When asked why the game was sending data to foreign countries, Krafton explained that Battlegrounds Mobile India, like other global mobile games and apps, simply employs third-party solutions to provide certain game features. “Some gaming data was shared with third parties as a result of adopting these solutions,” it said in a statement.

“Krafton has been relentlessly working on the early access test of Battlegrounds Mobile India to give a distinct battle royale experience in a safe and secure environment, with the goal of uniting with our fans in India shortly in an official launch.”

2. “And, because privacy and the security and protection of player data are our top priorities, Krafton is taking the issues highlighted extremely seriously and has taken urgent, tangible steps to remedy this issue.”

3. Prior to the formal launch, it would “continue to constantly monitor and protect any data being sent to unexpected and restricted IP addresses.”

4. As the game nears its formal launch, it is working to completely comply with Indian laws and regulations.

a “The privacy policy for Battlegrounds Mobile India openly explains that the software may transfer some user data with users’ consent and choice to migrate their accounts. There has been no data sharing that is in breach of the privacy rules “.. The policy further stipulates that in the event of a transfer to another country or area, the company will take efforts to guarantee that the user’s information is protected to the same extent as if it were still in India.

Even as the debate rages, a number of Indian MPs have urged for action against the PUBG Mobile India replacement, and the traders’ association, CAIT, has now asked for a ban.

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