The new Hextech Crystal SCAR-L skin is part of the PUBG Mobile x Arcane partnership


PUBG Mobile and Arcane have teamed up to bring some new and exciting goodies to the game.

On PUBG Mobile’s YouTube page, a trailer for the two organizations’ collaboration was posted. From the event, players can obtain a brand new upgradable SCAR-L weapon skin called Hextech Crystal. The skin has a futuristic appearance and is generating a lot of buzz among the community.

PUBG Mobile x Arcane collaboration set to be intense, with Hextech Crystal SCAR-L skin getting a lot of hype

Hextech Crystal SCAR-L skin (Image via PUBG Mobile)

In cooperation with the Arcane series, the Hextech Crystal SCAR-L skin has been released on PUBG Mobile. The skin has the same golden-blue color scheme as the animation from Riot Games’ Arcane series, which was recently published on Netflix.

With the help of UC, players can unlock the weapon skin from the lucky spin event. Here are the several skin upgrade tiers with various rewards accessible to players in the game:

Level 1: At upgrade level 1, the player receives the gun’s basic look skin.

Level 2: To upgrade the skin to level 2, players will need two resources and 85 paints. Players will receive a unique ending effect at this level.

Level 3: Three materials and 85 paints are required to enhance the skin to level 3. Players can access the advanced form of the skin, as well as special effects, by upgrading the skin to this level.

Level 6: Players can acquire the weapon’s final form by upgrading the skin to level 6. It completely transforms the weapon’s appearance, making the skin even more amazing.

Level 7: At level 7, the player receives a distinctive skin loot crate. As a result, anytime a player defeats an adversary, his treasure crate will take on the skin’s unique appearance.

Arcane, a League of Legends game, has become a Netflix sensation.
Riot Games has created an animated web series called Arcane. The series will consist of nine episodes, each of which will be released in three installments.

The first batch was released on November 6, followed by batches two and three on November 13 and 20, respectively.

In an outstanding tale, it involves a number of well-known League of Legends characters. It has three interesting episodes set in the League of Legends universe. The series was announced at the League of Legends’ 10th anniversary celebration, and was talked about at other events as well.

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