The planned Nightbringer/Dawnbringer skin lines in League of Legends: Expected pricing, release date, and more


League of Legends just released a first look at the Nightbringer and Dawnbringer skin lines, which are expected to be released in the second part of September.

These are new skins for the Nightbringer/Dawnbringer skin line, which is already available in the game. Some of the champions with skins along this line include Yasuo, Aphelios, Riven, Soraka, Vladimir, and Lee Sin. These skins depict order and chaos, respectively.

They have some interesting backstory linked to them, and they definitely give the champion a distinct look. There is currently no information on when the skins will be released or how much they will cost. However, based on the skins that are being published, as well as the champions present, a few predictions can be formed.

Aside from that, the price of skins is not difficult to predict because there are only two that are worthy of being labeled as legendary.

Price, release date, and champions featured in League of Legends’ upcoming Nightbringer/Dawnbringer skin lines

Morgana, Vex, Yone, Kayn, Tryndamere, and Lillia are the League of Legends champions who will be featured in the new skin line. This is a clear indication of the skins’ expected release date.

This is because Vex is a new champion who will most likely appear in patch 11.19. It follows that her skin will be released in the same manner, as will the rest of the skins.

The skins’ splash art has not been released, and players must wait for further League of Legends updates. Dawnbringer Morgana, Dawnbringer Vex, Nightbringer Tryndamere, and Nightbringer Lillia are expected to cost “1350 RP.”

The price for “Night and Dawn Yone” and “Night and Dawn Kayn” will most likely be “1820 RP.” This makes sense because Kayn has two forms in League of Legends, and thus the design and visuals will differ between them.

Yone, like Kayn, has a normal form and a spirit form, so he needs to have varying visuals. This means that the depth of these two skins will be greater than the others, resulting in a higher price.

Riot Games, hopefully, will provide more information on these skin lines so that players can begin saving money. Kayn’s skin in League of Legends will be quite exciting because he is one of the most underserved characters in terms of cosmetics. As a result, players are ecstatic and eagerly anticipating the release of the skins.

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