The post-patch 11.18 hotfix for League of Legends is now available, addressing Janna and Qiyana bugs


The League of Legends patch 11.18 update was quite significant, introducing significant changes to the champion meta just in time for the 2021 World Championship.

However, the update was not as smooth as Riot had hoped, and the patch contained numerous bugs that affected a large number of game features.

The Janna and Qiyana bugs in League of Legends have been addressed in a hotfix.

In the thread Jeevun writes,

ā€œI sincerely apologize for the miscommunications and bugs that have occurred here. This was a massive patch, and we apologize if we disappointed any of you on patch day. You should be able to expect more from us, and we will do everything we can to avoid making these mistakes in the future.ā€

Fortunately, Riot has already begun to implement the necessary bug fixes, and in today’s hotfix, they are addressing the issues that Qiyana and Janna are currently experiencing.

The micro patches will attempt to resolve an issue in which some knockbacks interfered with Qiyana’s ability to auto-aim her “Q” immediately after using her “E.” The ā€œQ+Eā€ combo is one of her mainstays, and not being able to pull it off due to a knockback interaction has been a frustrating experience for many League of Legends players who play her.

Janna will also be tweaked, and her “W” will now correctly persist on her rather than glitching out.

Patch 11.18 of League of Legends will be the first of two World patches, and it will set the meta for the upcoming international event. As a result, fans can expect similar micro patches like these before the 11.19 update.

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