The rules, regulations, and ban periods for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) have been released.


Players have been anticipating the arrival of Battlegrounds Mobile India since it was announced in May. Several changes have occurred, including the launch of Early Access for the battle royale game just a few days ago. It has already surpassed 5 million downloads in a short time, demonstrating the game’s popularity.

Other facts revealed by Krafton include the Battlegrounds Mobile India Community Policy and Rules of Conduct.

Battlegrounds Mobile India has its own set of rules, ban periods, and other information.

The game’s official website has published the game’s rules of conduct, which supply players with a wealth of information. It contains information on misconduct, suspension periods, and other rules, such as Krafton’s Duties and Responsibilities, User’s Responsibilities and Rights, and more.

Duties and Responsibilities of Krafton

The Battlegrounds Mobile India guidelines must be followed by all users.

  1. Do Not Use Unauthorized Programs or Hardware Devices
  2. Do Not Modify the Game Client, Servers, or Game Data
  3. Do Not Exploit Vulnerabilities in the Game (Bugs and Glitches)
  4. Do Not Discriminate Against Others
  5. Do Not Use Inappropriate Nicknames
  6. Do Not Team kill
  7. Do Not Team Up
  8. Do Not Stalk Other Players from Match to Match
  9. Do Not Publish Personal Information
  10. Do Not Manipulate Match Results
  11. Do Not Steal Another User’s Account
  12. Do Not AFK (Away From Keyboard or idling)
  13. Do Not Trade/Sell Accounts
  14. Do Not Disturb Business Operations
  15. Do Not Play the Game Abnormally
  16. Other Undefined Misconduct

They are recommended to avoid all the acts above as there will be severe consequences.


Miscounts will result in bans in Battlegrounds Mobile India. The duration of these suspensions was also given by the developer, as shown below:

Penalty Criteria table (Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India)

Players can check out the complete Rules of Conduct by clicking here.

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