The ten fittest Indian cricket players are listed below.


Gone are the days when cricketers would go out with potbellies, settle for a single when there was a chance to score an extra run, or make a full-tilt dive for a ball that would scamper past them.

Cricket has developed over the years, and so have fitness requirements, in what appears to be a no-brainer. The present generation is a lean, muscled, six-pack flaunting group who have elevated the game to new heights thanks to their incredible fitness levels.

Indian cricketers have pushed their fitness levels even farther and used it to augment their game. This article examines ten of the team’s most physically fit cricketers.

#1 Virat Kohli- Leading from the front

According to the Indian captain, he hasn’t had butter chicken in years, and as a result, he has a toned and unbelievably fit physique that allows him to deliver one flawless performance after another.

Virat Kohli’s fitness regime has set a high bar for others to follow. On the Yo-Yo test, he reached a score of 19.

#2 MS Dhoni – In cricket, age is only a myth.

MS Dhoni’s sleeve-splitting biceps and physical strength in the IPL are a great example of how fit the man is, even when he doesn’t wear Indian blue. Dhoni, who is 39 years old, is a role model for young cricketers who want to keep in shape.

#3 Ravindra Jadeja- Live wire

Jadeja’s reflexes are incredible. The Saurashtra all-rounder is ranked third on our list because his hand-eye co-ordination is far superior than that of the rest of the lineup.

His slender, sculpted build allows him to be more agile on the field, and he has the strength to
power the ball over the rope at critical moments in the game.

#4 Manish Pandey- Mercurial with a Yo-Yo score of 19.2

Manish Pandey has been in and out of the Indian cricket team, but it has nothing to do with his fitness. He’s a great fielder and a hard-hitting batsman, and he’s one of the team’s fittest cricketers. He makes the top five because to his outstanding stamina levels, just like Jadeja.

#5 Hardik Pandya- Lithe and deadly

The Baroda all-Achilles rounder’s heel may have been his back problem in recent times, but Hardik Pandya is a dangerous batsman with the stamina of a greyhound.

His ability to strike cleanly is due to the power he generates from his hips and core, which places him sixth on our ranking of cricket players.

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