The three best ways to use Jack o’ Lanterns in Minecraft


While many Minecraft players prefer to ignore them, Jack o’ Lanterns have a variety of benefits that players should utilize. Many players are unaware of these applications because of their rarity, and as a result, they are missing out on some valuable benefits.

Despite the fact that pumpkins are semi-rare in Minecraft, their farmability allows players to collect many in a short amount of time. As a result, players can swiftly obtain Jack o’ Lanterns, which are perhaps more beneficial than conventional pumpkins.

3 best uses for Jack o’ Lanterns in Minecraft

#3 – Iron Golem Spawning

A loyal iron golem defending his post (Image via mcbedrock)
A loyal iron golem defending his post 

Iron golems can be spawned with Jack o’ Lanterns. These golems can be created to defend a village or kept around the players’ base for extra defense.

Because they will attack certain enemy creatures on sight, iron golems are incredibly valuable. Players are advised to utilize a few Jack o’ Lanterns to produce some iron golems to defend their favored communities.

The video above shows how to employ iron golems to effectively defend the player and their villager companions.

#2 – Snow Golem Spawning

A lone snow golem literally just chilling (Image via Reddit)
A lone snow golem literally just chilling 

The jack o’ lantern can also be used to create snow golems. Snow golems are similar to iron golems in that they may be produced and will guard an area from attacking creatures.

Because snow golems are vulnerable to rain, it’s preferable to keep a few of them in a hut where they can rain snowballs down on the enemy mobs. While these snowballs inflict no damage, they do cause knockback and are an excellent tool to warn the player of an impending mob onslaught.

#1 – Underwater Light Source

Jack o
Jack o’ lanterns being used to light up an underwater base 

The capacity of the Jack o’ Lantern to offer light underwater is one of its most underappreciated functions.

While many Minecraft players will point out that the glowstone works underwater as well, they should also acknowledge that the glowstone is considerably more difficult to obtain than Jack o’ Lanterns.

Underwater lighting may be made easier and more cost-effective with Jack o’ Lanterns. They’ll come in handy in the next Minecraft 1.18 Caverns & Cliffs update, where big pockets of water will be present in caves.

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