The top 5 Free Fire characters who deserve more attention


Free Fire, in addition to being one of the most competitive battle royale games, features a cast of characters with distinct skills to assist players on the ground.

These abilities provide players an advantage on the virtual battlefield. Unfortunately, some of the 40 characters are praised for their impressive abilities. However, many of them are incredibly valuable, but the majority of players overlook them.

As a result, this post will highlight some of the most underappreciated Free Fire characters who need to be better known.

Characters from Free Fire who are underappreciated

1) Steffie

Steffie’s active ability is Painted Refuge. She can produce graffiti at level 1 that reduces explosive and bullet damage by 15% and 5% respectively for five seconds. The cooldown lasts roughly 45 seconds, and the effect isn’t cumulative.

As she passes through the levels, Steffie’s ability grows. Although she is an important character in Ranked and Clash Squad mode matches, not everyone is aware of her abilities.

2) Xayne

2) Xayne

Xayne’s active skill is Xtreme Encounter. This ability gives 80 HP for a limited time at its default level. It also increases the damage done by gloo walls and shields by 40%. The effect lasts 10 seconds and is followed by a 150-second cooldown.

When rushing, Xayne’s unique ability improves with leveling and grants players an HP boost. Because she is a new character, just a few players are aware of her exceptional abilities.

3) Maro


Falcon Fervor is a passive ability that Maro has. This ability increases damage at a distance by up to 5% at its basic level. It also helps players increase the damage they do to tagged adversaries by 1%.

With each level increase, Maro’s ability improves. Because his damage rises with distance, ranked battles are ideal for long-range combat.

He’s the newest character in the game, which may explain why gamers aren’t sure how to use him on the ground.

4) Shani

4) Shani

Shani’s passive ability, Gear Recycle, aids in the recovery of 10-armor durability after each kill at the default level. As she rises through the ranks, her skill level improves.

Shani’s ability allows her to regain armor durability, which is useful in Ranked matches. Despite being one of the greatest defensive characters, she is owned by a small number of gamers.

5) Laura

Sharp Shooter is Laura’s passive ability. When scoped in at its lowest level, this skill improves accuracy by 10%.

As she passes through the levels, Laura’s ability improves. Despite the fact that she is an excellent choice for beginners and snipers, she is often overlooked by players.

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