The top 5 mistakes free fire players make when trying to gain rank


In Free Fire, advancing through the levels is a time-consuming process, as players must effectively grind points to advance.

In Free Fire, rank advancement necessitates smart progression, more kills, and longer match survival. It may look to be a walk in the park, but it is far from it, since a single blunder may result in users losing the game and big points.

When it comes to pushing rank in Free Fire, they make a number of blunders.

Free Fire: Avoid these mistakes while pushing rank

1) Heading to hot drops

There are a number of POIs on the maps that have a lot of loot. Gamers prefer to visit these areas in order to obtain good treasure. However, because these sites are often visited by gamers, intense behaviors are common.

To have a higher chance of surviving in Free Fire, they should avoid dropping into these places at all costs.

2) Not using utility items

Several utility items, such as grenades and gloo barriers, are available in Free Fire. They’re important because they allow players to avoid difficult circumstances and inflict damage on opponents without firing a shot.

Users frequently overlook these items and rely only on weaponry and ammo. They must efficiently deploy these resources in Free Fire for an effective rank push.

3) Venturing out of the safe zone

Because the safe zone is shrinking, gamers must constantly migrate. They suffer damage if they stay out of the retreating zone, yet players frequently leave the circle and are compelled to rush when the zone begins to shrink.

Those rushing into the safe zone are defenseless and easy targets for enemies hidden just outside the circle’s border. Players should avoid lingering out of the zone for too long and try to get to the next circle as soon as possible.

4) Not studying the map properly

For gamers, there is a lot of foliage on the Free Fire maps. There are arid regions in some spots, while trees and bushes can be found in others.

Gamers frequently ignore the surrounding areas and rush here and there, exposing themselves to danger.

If users do not inspect the area and move from one spot to another randomly, enemies lurking among the woods, behind rocks and buildings, can easily kill them.

5) Expose location in the last zone

Players must keep a silent profile in the final zone. Only a few of them are still alive in this section, so staying hidden is the best option.

Gamers frequently emerge from their hiding areas, exposing themselves to enemy bullets. They must keep a low profile and move while crouching or proning to gain control of victory.

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