The top 5 most difficult spawn locations in Minecraft


There’s always a potential that players will spawn in inconvenient places when playing on a random Minecraft seed.

When a fresh survival Minecraft world comes up and the spawn does not appear to be fruitful, it’s easy to give up right immediately. Many Minecraft players seek for seeds that supply them with fascinating global terrains in order to avoid problems like these. Gamers are occasionally willing to take on the task of defeating Minecraft with a challenging spawn point.

5 difficult Minecraft spawns

5) Desert


It may take a long time for players to find trees to create tools when they spawn in the desert. Because there are no trees in the desert, spawning in these biomes will put players at a significant disadvantage.

On a regular Minecraft seed, there is generally some salvation in the nearby biomes. In addition, while searching for neighboring trees, players can tear down dead shrubs to stock up on sticks.

4) In the nether wall

nether wall

Another troublesome spawn in Minecraft is one that requires entering a new world through a nether portal for the first time. There’s a chance you’ll spawn just inside a massive swath of nether bricks that entirely surrounds the portal.

This is a challenging issue for a variety of reasons. To begin, players must dig all around them in order to observe the surrounding terrain. This will undoubtedly break a pickaxe in no time, so have backup materials on hand.

There’s no simple way to figure out which direction is best for digging. Gamers must merely trust their instincts and hope that a nether fortress is nearby. Whatever path a player chooses, there is a frightening risk of digging into a solitary block of lava waiting to erupt.

3) At the bottom of a hole

bottom of hole

This tragic spawn was spotted and shared by LordMarcel, a Reddit user.

This Minecraft player arose from the depths of a large hole in the ground. Because there are no trees to manufacture tools from in this predicament, the only option is to dig one block at a time out of the pit. A task like this will undoubtedly take an eternity in a drop this deep.

Not only will it take time to get out of this spawn spot, but players will also be unable to keep any of the blocks that must be shattered. Once out and well-equipped, there will most certainly be some immediate supplies to collect from the sides of the hole.

Gamers who want to put this difficult spawn to the test can load in this seed: 3359547565985414711

2) Tiny stranded ocean island

tiny island

When starting a new survival world, one of the worst experiences is booting onto the map for the first time and finding nothing except a few blocks to stand on. It is possible to spawn on a single block of sand in the middle of a big ocean, though this is quite rare.

Oceans do not provide stuff to players, hence this spawn is a bad start. It’s one thing to start a new planet without any trees, but it’s quite another when there aren’t any for hundreds of blocks.

Players that spawn in this type of region must be prepared to swim for a long time in order to find land. They should travel with extreme caution and seek out a bed as quickly as possible to prevent dying and having to respawn in the middle of nowhere.

1) Above a lava pool

lava pool

In a survival world, reaching to the nether can feel like a tremendous accomplishment, but nothing is more disheartening than passing through the nether portal just to find yourself hovering above a massive lava puddle. Players can quickly tumble into the lava with this spawn because there are no other blocks to walk on than the four strewn obsidian blocks.

One of the worst ways to die in Minecraft is in a pool of lava in the nether. Upon death, every item in a player’s inventory will be consumed. For this reason, spawning into the nether above nothing but lava is incredibly dangerous.

Any player who encounters this nether spawn should stock up on building blocks to aid them in expanding outward and finally onto safer ground. Even then, a ghast is likely to come by and shoot either a player or the building blocks. Whatever the case may be, this spawn is by far the worst in Minecraft.

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