The Top 5 Teams to Watch in the Fall Grand Finals of the Free Fire India Championship 2021


The Free Fire India Championship 2021 Fall Grand Finals will commence on October 17th. To decide a winner, the top 12 teams in the country will fight in a best-of-six round.

The competition has a prize money of 75 lakhs Indian rupees. The top four teams will be invited to compete in the Free Fire Asia Championship.

The Free Fire India Championship 2021 Fall Finals will include five teams worth watching.

5) Total Gaming

Total Gaming Esports should never be ignored as a title contender. The popular favorite has risen to prominence throughout major events and just won the Free Fire Pro League Summer 2021.

The Pro League finals’ top fragger, Delete, will be key to their title hopes. The team is owned by Total Gaming, India’s most popular gaming YouTuber.

4) Galaxy Racer

The team has recently experienced significant changes, including the addition of new players. The reigning champions had the most points during the FFIC League Stages.

They are one of the favorites to win the tournament due to their consistency. Vasiyo is one of the best IGLs on the scene, and his performance in the finals will be fascinating to watch.

3) 4 Unknown

4 Unknown won the Free Fire Titan Invitational in January

The team has already won the Free Fire Titan Invitational: Battle Royale and the Free Fire Open Season 1 this year. They were also a prominent team in the Pro League and Pro Series League Stages.

Radhe Thakur is on fire right now and will be one to watch in the finals.

This year, Team Elite, one of the most popular teams on the circuit, has not won a major tournament. Their constant performance, on the other hand, has helped them to five podium finishes in major Free Fire tournaments.

Despite their outstanding form, star players Iconic and Pahadi must give it their all in order to win the championship.

1) Blind Esports

In recent months, they have been the best-performing team. They also won the Booyah League after winning the Free Fire City Open 2021. The team also won the Pro Series League Stages and the India Championship.

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