The top five cars to buy in GTA Online’s Los Santos Tuners update


The most recent update to GTA Online, Los Santos Tuners, is centered on tuner automobiles and underground automotive culture. It adds 17 new vehicles to the game, the bulk of them are quite fun to drive.

The majority of these vehicles are tuners, and their handling is their expertise. In classic tuner fashion, they’re also extensively configurable, with certain customizations requiring unlocking. The LS Car Meet was also introduced by Los Santos Tuners, where players may show off their automobiles.

The cars are, of course, the first thing that every GTA Online player would want to learn about. This article addresses their concerns by examining a few of the greatest cars available as a result of the update.

Five of the nicest cars in Los Santos Tuners that gamers should buy in GTA Online

1) Annis Remus

This car is modeled on the real-life Nissan Silvia S13 drifting legend. As a result, it’s one of the greatest drifting cars in GTA Online. It is one of the best vehicles in the game due to its smooth handling and decent performance.

Southern SA Super Autos is selling the Annis Remus for $1,370,000. It’s also available for $1,027,500 at the Trade Price.

2) Annis ZR-350

In GTA Online, the Annis ZR350 is based on the classic Mazda RX-7. It has a good performance as well as excellent drifting ability. The most appealing aspect of this vehicle is undoubtedly its appearance. It stands out among the other tuners thanks to its pop-up headlights, which give it a distinct 90s vibe.

Legendary Motorsport is selling the Annis ZR350 for $1,615,000. The possible Trade Price for this vehicle reduces the price to $1,211,250.

3) Dinka Jester RR

4) Karin Calico GTF

Among the Los Santos Tuners automobiles, the Karin Calico GTF is one of the greatest. It’s based on the Toyota Celica GT4, which is a well-known rally car. It is one of the best 4WD cars in GTA Online, and it performs similarly to a rally car.

Southern SA Super Autos is selling the Calico GTF for $1,995,000. As a result, it is the most expensive car in the update. $1,496,250 is the unlocked Trade Price.

5) Sultan RS Classic

The Sultan RS Classic is one of the most recent additions to the Los Santos Tuners portfolio. While it may not appear to be very spectacular on paper, it has the potential to easily exceed the competition. In GTA Online, this automobile is the greatest option for achieving the fastest lap times.

Southern SA Super Autos is selling the Sultan RS Classic for $1,789,000. In GTA Online, you can unlock a Trade Price of $1,341,750 for this vehicle.

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