The top five gloo wall skins in Free Fire as of the OB28 version


Garena Free Fire is one of the highest-rated battle royale games. One of the reasons for its popularity is the sheer number of characters, outfits, regular events, and customization of utility items.

Gloo walls are one of the most popular utility items in Free Fire, acting as a shield, providing quick cover, and help with other strategic uses. The game enables players to customize the gloo wall skins according to their tastes.

Free Fire: Top five gloo wall skins in the OB28 version

1) Hayato The Guardian

The Hayato The Guardian gloo wall skin was recently launched as part of the Midnight Samurai Top-Up event.

Even though it has been in the game for a short time, it has quickly become popular among players. It has a vibrant blue color with a samurai at the center.

2) Swordsman Legend

Swordsman Legend has an intricate golden design and a shiny sword on a dark violet background.

The gloo wall skin is quite pleasing to the eye with its striking design, and hence, it is popular among players. The skin was available at the Swordsman Legend Top-Up event for 500 diamonds.

3) Shamrock Explosion

In the Ramadan Top-Up event, the Shamrock Explosion gloo wall skin was one of the rewards.

The bright green skin was recently added to the game and quickly grabbed attention. The Shamrock Explosion skin was also available in the shop for 200 diamonds.

4) Gate to Oblivion

“Gate to Oblivion” is an interesting name, and so is the appearance of this gloo wall skin.

The skin has a blood=red color with a devil at the center and was a free reward in the Shark Attack Top-Up event. However, to get it, gamers had to top-up 500 diamonds.

5) Spikey Spine

Spikey Spine is yet another beautiful gloo wall skin in Free Fire with vibrant colors and patterns. Right at the center of this cosmetic are purple spikes running down its spine.

But the attractive design is not the only reason this skin is popular. Its width is slightly more and can accommodate more than one gamer. As it was available in a top-up event that cost 500 diamonds, it is one of the rare skins in the game.

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