The top five missions in GTA Vice City Stories


The top five GTA Vice City stories GTA Vice City Stories is jam-packed with incredible missions and a gripping plot. The game was loved by players because it provided additional backstory for Vice City aficionados and a map that they enjoyed. The storyline of GTA Vice City Stories, a prequel to the iconic GTA Vice City, takes place two years before Vice City. Victor Vic Vance, the brother of the antagonist Lance Vance from GTA Vice City, is the protagonist of GTA Vice City Stories. ‘s objectives

These are the top five missions in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

5) High Wire

High Wire is a GTA Vice City Stories mission assigned by Diego and Armando Mendez. Vic needs to steal the cocaine that the cops have seized in order to clear his record. To complete this assignment, players must board a chopper equipped with a magnetic hook and steal the cocaine container.

After receiving the cargo, the player must transport it to the designated drop-off location. After dropping the first container, players must have the officers remove the second container. The container must be stolen from the moving vehicle and delivered to the drop-off location. The last part of the mission requires players to rescue Diego from the Biker gang chasing him and take him to safety.

4) The Market

Ricardo Diaz assigns The Exchange as an assignment in GTA Vice City Stories. Diaz negotiates with the DEA to give them the cocaine seized from Gonzalez in exchange for guns in this assignment. Players were supposed to drive the drug-filled vehicle to the rendezvous location, but they were attacked by Gonzalez’s men, who killed one of Diaz’s gang members.

Players were required to use the sniper rifle to shoot Gonzalez’s soldiers who were hiding in neighboring buildings. Once the opponents have been defeated, players must complete the trade and return the truck to Diaz’s location to finish the mission.

3) Jive Drive

Vic gets accosted by Cholos during the assignment for killing members of their group. Lance joins the expedition, and the Vance brothers flee with Lance at the wheel. Cholo members are pursuing the brothers, and players must clear the way to stay alive.

After Lance’s automobile is totaled, the missions demand that he survive and that the players eliminate all of the attackers. Once all of the attackers have been dispatched, players must drop Lance off at his hotel to complete the task.

2) I’m Going to Light My Pyre

In GTA Vice City Stories, the protagonist’s brother Lance Vance assigns him the final mission, Light My Pyre. Vic finds that Armando Mendez has kidnapped Louise at the start of the expedition. A couple of Mendez’s guys blew up Lance’s car as the Vance brothers were leaving to rescue her. After then, players must pursue the attack automobiles inside Mendez’s mansion.

All of Mendez’s soldiers must be defeated, and Armando Mendez must be killed. Vic then dashes upstairs, where he discovers Lance and Louise passed out on the floor. Vic dashes over to Louise and catches her as she takes her final breath. Lance rises and follows Vic out of the building when Louise passes away. The mission is demanding and emotionally draining.

1) The Final Battle

In GTA Vice City Stories, The Last Stand is the final storyline assignment. Ricardo Diaz assigns the mission to Victor Vance. Vic is struggling for his release from Vice City’s cocaine cartel in this mission. The attack helicopter must be used to eliminate the guards in the Mendez building. Vic must continue the operation on foot by eliminating all of the guards after the chopper is destroyed by the guards.

Players reach the roof after clearing all of the guards, where they face Diego Mendez and Martinez. To complete the last assignment in GTA Vice City Stories, players must kill both of them.

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