There are five different ways to earn free diamonds in Free Fire (November 2021)


In the Free Fire community, cosmetics such as costumes and skins are in high demand. Users are always looking for ways to get them in the game and look for ways to do so. One of the most prevalent techniques is to purchase the things with diamonds, the premium in-game currency.

A part of the playerbase, however, cannot afford to pay for the game. As a result, they look for free ways to obtain the currency.

Free Fire diamonds can be obtained in five different ways (November 2021)

5) GPT Websites

GPT Websites can be used by players (Image via Swagbucks)

GPT Websites, such as Swagbucks, are one of the most prevalent ways for people to earn money. To get started, they’d have to complete offerings like surveys, app downloads, and other activities.

They will be able to claim stuff like gift cards that can be used to get free diamonds later on.

4) Custom Rooms

Gamers can participate in these (Image via YouTube)

Another way to obtain free Fire diamonds is to use Custom Rooms. They are usually hosted by YouTubers and include prizes for the victors, which can include Elite Passes or in-game money.

As a result, consumers can gain from them by engaging in them.

3) GPT Apps

Poll Pay, one of the GPT apps (Image via Poll Pay)

GPT apps work in the same way as websites, but in a different way. Gamers can do activities and earn money in the future. However, depending on the player’s country, the payout possibilities will differ. One such application is Poll Pay.

2) Events on BOOYAH

This app is an incredible option for players (Image via Booyah)

On BOOYAH, a variety of events with a wide range of rewards are introduced. To be eligible for the rewards, gamers must download the app to their devices and participate in the activities.

Keep in mind, however, that a BOOYAH account must be linked to a Free Fire account.

1) Google Opinion Rewards

The greatest way for consumers to earn free diamonds in Free Fire is to use Google Opinion Rewards, which is now ranked first. Individuals are required to do surveys in exchange for Play Credits in this Google application.

Diamonds can be acquired in-game if they have accumulated enough credits.

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