There are three key distinctions between Free Fire Max and Free Fire


Indian Battle Royale enthusiasts are pleased about Free Fire Max, a new and enhanced version of Free Fire. Pre-registration for Free Fire Max was supposed to begin today, but it was revealed yesterday, August 28, 2021, much to the delight of enthusiasts.

To pre-register for Free Fire Max on Android, go to this link. If users pre-register before the game is released, they will be entered to win a Cyber MAX Loot Box.

Free Fire is also celebrating its fourth anniversary, and fans are looking forward to participating in the game’s upcoming activities. Because each of these games are generating a lot of buzz, let’s look at the three main distinctions between them.

Free Fire vs. Free Fire Max: What’s the Difference?

1) Improved graphics

Free Fire Max will feature better graphics than Free Fire because it is an improved version of the latter. Free Fire Max will offer โ€œUltra HD visuals and amazing effects,โ€ according to the Google Play Store description.

2) The technology of Firelink

Free Fire Max’s Firelink technology will allow Free Fire gamers to link their accounts and play any game version. It will also enable gamers to connect with their friends online and enjoy matches regardless of the version they are using. Free Fire players’ progress and items will be simply transferred to their Free Fire Max account.

Players will be able to create and play in their own maps in Free Fire Max. Craftland will be the name of the new special feature. The function was first introduced in the OB28 update, then it was upgraded with the OB29 release.

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