This month in Garena Free Fire, here are the 5 finest goods to buy with diamonds.


Diamonds are the in-game cash in Garena Free Fire, and they are typically used to obtain the most exclusive things. Characters, pets, and other items can be obtained by using them.

Furthermore, diamonds must be acquired with real money, making them extremely expensive. As a result, in order to maximize the value of diamonds, players must use them properly.

Note: This is a subjective article that exclusively reflects the writer’s viewpoint.

The best free Fire things that gamers may get with diamonds

1) Characters

Characters in Free Fire

Characters play an important role in Free Fire, to be sure. Around 40 different ones are included in the game, each with its own special power that affects the entire gameplay.

As a result, buying characters with diamonds is a fantastic alternative. Players must not, however, spend them on characters that may be obtained with gold.

It should be noted that they are sometimes accessible at a reduced rate in events, and users can also wait for them.

2) Elite Pass

Diamonds can also be spent on the Elite Pass

Purchasing an Elite Pass might also be a great option for users. Tier-based reward systems provide a variety of unique incentives like as skins, bundles, and more. Players must obtain badges by performing missions in order to proceed through the pass.

Elite Pass and Elite Upgrade are the two options offered, and they cost 499 diamonds and 999 diamonds, respectively.

3) Crates

Crates in Free Fire

Free Fire provides a variety of crates from which players may obtain stuff like as bundles, skins, and much more. The majority of them are priced at 25 diamonds in the in-game store, with a couple at 40 diamonds.

Please keep in mind that rewards are not guaranteed.

4) Pets

Pets in Free Fire

Due to their abilities, pets, like players, have a substantial impact on the gameplay. Moony was the most recent addition to Free Fire’s pet roster.

They cost 699 diamonds, thus players should think about investing diamonds on them. There are times when some are available for fewer diamonds, and it may be better to wait for them.

5) Luck Royale

Players can purchase spins in the game’s Diamond Royale, Weapon Royale, and Incubator slots. The grand prize, however, will not be awarded with a specific number of spins.

The Faded Wheel is yet another way to spend in-game currency, as gamers are guaranteed to win the big prize after a certain amount of spins. Their costs, however, rise as a result. The current one includes the AWM – Furinkazan skin as well as a sports vehicle skin.

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