This week on Free Fire, here’s how to earn free legendary gun skins


For Free Fire gamers, November, like the previous month, is jam-packed with events. Garena recently gave a sneak peak at the future incentives and festivities that will be held in honor of Booyah Day.

The creators have incorporated a new Booyah for Gun Skin Trial event today, much to the delight of players. It awards users with Legendary gun skins for completing a set of objectives, as the name implies.

Trials of legendary gun skins are available from Free Fire.

The event will be available until 13 November (Image via Free FIre)

The Booyah for Gun Skin Trial, which offers a variety of legendary gun skin trial cards, began on November 9th. The M1887 — Hand of Hope is the most thrilling reward offered out of all the goods. Because the new event will continue until November 13th, players will only have a few days to complete all of the objectives.

The following is a list of the products available in the new event:

The M60 Viper Gangster is also available in the Weapon Royale (Image via Free Fire)

Play 1 match to receive M60 – Viper Gangster (14 days)

The M1887 – Hand of Hope was first available in June (Image via Free Fire)

Attain Booyah 1 time to receive M1887 – Hand of Hope (14 days)

The AWM gun skin increases the damage (Image via Free Fire)

Attain Booyah 3 times to receive AWM – Vandal Revolt (14 days)

The SPAS12 – Urban Rager is also available in Weapon Royale (Image via Free Fire)

Booyah must be obtained 5 times in order to earn SPAS12 – Urban Rager (14 days)

Obtain a 3x Weapon Royale Voucher by obtaining Booyah 7 times (Validity 30 November 2021)

In Free Fire, here are the steps to getting a legendary gun skin.
To obtain the previously specified awards, gamers must first fulfill the given set of objectives and then follow the procedures listed below:

Step 1: Go to the ‘Events’ page and scroll down to the ‘Warm Up To Booyah’ section.

Claim all the gun skins (Image via Free Fire)

Step 2: To get the incentives, touch the claim button next to the correct ones.

Step 3: You can later equip the gun skins in the game’s ‘Weapon’ section.

Despite the fact that all gun skins are accessible for trial, players should not pass up the chance to obtain these Legendary cosmetics, since they can provide a significant competitive advantage during matches.

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