This week on Free Fire, here’s how to get the Spikey Spine Gloo Wall skin


Free Fire features a variety of intriguing cosmetics, such as outfits and skins for weaponry, vehicles, and even utility items like grenades and Gloo Walls. Although some cosmetics can be purchased in the market, they are frequently included in events or Elite Pass prizes.

Gloo Wall skins are the most rare of all of these artifacts, thus players take advantage of any opportunity to get their hands on them. In Free Fire, a new Diwali Pass has begun, including a Spikey Spin Gloo Wall as one of the rewards.

Through Diwali Pass, you can get the Spikey Spine Gloo Wall in Free Fire.

Besides Gloo Wall, players will also get a permanent gun skin (Image via Free Fire)

The Spikey Spin Gloo Wall was first introduced to the game in May 2020 as part of the Spine Punk Top Up event, and it cost 500 diamonds to purchase at the time.

It has now been made available in the Diwali Pass as well. The pass went on sale on November 2, 2021, and will be available until November 8, 2021. Activating the pass will cost 99 diamonds during this time, which is a wonderful value considering the stuff they will acquire (Gloo Wall skin, AC80 skin and the sports car skin).

The Gloo Wall is the bonus reward for daily login (Image via Free Fire)

The bonus reward for daily login is Gloo Wall – Spikey Spine. Once users have earned all seven daily login prizes, they will be entitled to receive the additional items.

If a player misses a prize on a given day, they can make up the difference by buying diamonds. It’s also worth remembering that the cost of redeeming a missed daily prize rises with each passing day. As a result, interested individuals should obtain the pass as soon as possible.

Steps to get rewards from Diwali Pass in Free Fire

Users should activate the pass at first (Image via Free Fire)

Step 1: First, gamers need to visit the Diwali Pass interface and activate it.

Step 2: They can then choose Daily Login Incentives to claim all of the daily rewards.

Step 3: When they’ve collected all of the awards, the claim button next to the Gloo Wall will turn on. To obtain the object, they must click on it.

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