This week’s top 5 Minecraft constructions


The Minecraft Reddit, as most players are aware, is a never-ending source of incredible constructions. Every week, the Minecraft Reddit is flooded with new and amazing projects, and this week is no exception.

This article examines five of the most popular builds from the previous week. The majority of these creations are one-of-a-kind and have never been seen before on the Minecraft Reddit.

This week’s top Minecraft constructions

#5 – Drowned Ocean Statue
Imagine seeing this statue while exploring the oceans via a boat

This build, created by u/president-mcquatsch on Reddit, contains a gigantic Drowned statue on the ocean floor.

This statue was designed to commemorate the fact that they finally got a Trident after two years of playing, according to the build’s author.

In just one day, this build received almost 13k upvotes.

#4 – 2000 Hour Survival Mega Base
So many different things to look atĀ 

This amazing build by u/R4nd0mw4lterMC includes a variety of structures of all sizes and colors. The fact that this structure was created in Survival is the most astounding aspect of it.

This megabase, which took 2000 hours to construct, has a futuristic feel to it. It is encircled by floating islands, each with its own set of structures and buildings.

In just four days, this build received 16k upvotes.

#3 – The Kraken
A picture of the The KrakenĀ 

This model was created by u/Sonofbloke and portrays a huge octopus (dubbed “The Kraken”) that emerges from the dark depths and smashes an unwary boat.

Exploring the waters and seeing the Kraken leap out of the water, dragging the player down into the abyss, is a surreal experience.

In just one day, this build received a whopping 28.6k upvotes.

#2 – Piano played by bouncing cubes
A view of the piano being played by mystical green cubes

This construction, created by the incredibly skilled u/KevinJNguy01, has a gigantic piano that is played by green-colored bouncing cubes.

It’s almost impossible to conceive how the original poster (OP) produced this piano, as seen in the previous post.

In just four days, this build received 35k upvotes.

#1 – SMP Desert Tower
An impressive desert tower built in an SMP server

This desert skyscraper was built in under two weeks by u/BigMacWithLettuce. The fact that it was built in Survival mode adds to its impressiveness. The player’s base will be the tower.

In just one day, this build received almost 40k upvotes.

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