Thomas Tuchel confirms that Chelsea will lose a number of players this summer.


Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has given an update on his squad ahead of the 2021-22 season. The German tactician expects a few players to depart the squad in the next few weeks.

Speaking to Chelsea’s official website, Tuchel revealed how he has managed his players and how difficult it is to keep so many senior players happy. He said:

“I have never had that before. That was new, I was not scared about it, but I was curious to see how the mentality is because don’t forget, some of them leave their families behind, some of them want to stay in their loan clubs, some of them have not that possibility. Some of them have done two or three pre-seasons here already. Some of them want to look absolutely for the chance to stay, some of them want to maybe leave. They’re humans, they’re not robots and that’s why we have to accept it’s not the easiest situation also for them.”

However, Tuchel is happy with the squad he has right now at Chelsea and explained how easy it is to train this group of players:

“But what I’ve experienced every day is the complete opposite – it’s a very positive group, hardworking, full of desire to learn, hungry in every training session and ready to go. It’s such a good mix with the five or six guys who were with us here in the last half-a-year. I’m absolutely happy because it’s so much easier than I thought, it’s so easy and so nice to be the coach of these guys. There are possibilities for all of us and this group deserves our full attention, and they get it.”

Chelsea will face Crystal Palace on the opening day of the Premier League season. This will be the beginning of Tuchel’s first full season in-charge of the Blues.

Tuchel ready to give everyone a chance at Chelsea

Tuchel won the Champions League with Chelsea in his first season in charge
Tuchel won the Champions League with Chelsea in his first season in charge

Thomas Tuchel also explained that everyone at the club will start with a fresh slate and that he does not care about their past under different managers:

“I don’t judge on where you come from or what your history is, or what you earn or what your status is. I’m in charge of this group so they get my 100 per cent. I give my everything, they give it back, they make me smile, I give even more, that makes them smile, they give even more. You try every year to create a certain atmosphere where everybody is happy to come, everybody feels valued, everybody feels confident but everybody knows at the same time what is expected from them and then you have to live up to your talent.”

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