Three pointers towards reaching the top ten in Free Fire during a rank push


In Free Fire, ranked matches are the ultimate measure of skill. Players can compete against other players of similar skill levels and progress through the ranks. However, saying it is easier than doing it, and making it to the finish of each match is difficult.

There are a lot of things to think about, and every decision you make has consequences. Nonetheless, there are a few general guidelines that all participants should observe.

Three suggestions for increasing your chances of reaching the top ten in every Free Fire ranked match

1) Applying the appropriate method at the appropriate time

In Free Fire, strategy is essential for victory and survival. There are several strategies that can be used in each match. Players must choose which ones to utilize based on their playstyle in order to increase their chances of survival.

The goal is always to outsmart opponents and survive, regardless of the playstyle. Players must employ basic techniques such as rotations, securing high ground, and deploying tactical objects to mislead the adversary to accomplish this.

2) Putting together a decent character mix based on playstyle

In Free Fire’s rated modes, having a good character is essential for survival. Players will get a significant tactical advantage in battle if they have the right combination of talents.

In-game, there are a variety of builds to pick from. Aggressive players, for example, can use Jota to maximize their healing ability. Sustained Raids is a skill that allows players to regenerate health while fighting. No shots will be missed thanks to this, as well as Laura’s Sharp Shooter and Dash’s Partying On skills.

3) Maintaining constant alertness throughout a match

Being awake during a match will greatly increase your chances of survival. After a rotation, players should take their time to secure their surrounds by having a rough notion of where enemies are.

This is crucial for ensuring that your opponents aren’t camped nearby or planning an ambush. In addition, players will be able to keep track on surrounding enemies. A few well-placed bullets will ensure an easy elimination when the proper opportunity arises.

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