Tim Paine on missing out on the WTC final: “It’s a difficult pill to chew.”


Tim Paine, Australia’s captain, has voiced his sadness at not being able to play in the World Test Championship final for the first time. The slow-over rate cost Australia four points in the Melbourne Test against India, according to the new Percentage of Points (PCT) system.

As a result, their PCT was decreased to 69.2, and they qualified for the WTC final with a score of 70. Tim Paine believes this was unjust because many teams receive penalties and fines for slow over-rates, while Australia was penalized with points subtracted.

According to PTI, Tim Paine informed the Australian media:

“Unfortunately, we were the team I think that’s borne the brunt of it for an over rate. I think there’s been a lot of Test match cricket in the last two years where teams haven’t bowled their overs.”

Tim Paine wants the rules to remain consistent because it will provide justice and uniformity to the WTC cycle, allowing it to run smoothly. He believes it is unfair to his squad to be eliminated due to the point deduction.

“I’m not sure how many teams lost points out of it but I think there needs to be a little bit more consistency around it, given now that the prize is so big and a couple of overs can cost you four points. It’s a bitter pill to swallow when you’re the only team that’s been docked points,” he added

Tim Paine got a little messy and didn’t want to see the WTC Final:
Tim Paine admitted that he tried to watch the WTC final, but that not being a part of it was killing him, therefore he couldn’t watch the entire game. Consistent rules, according to the Australian captain, will make the game more fair.

“I watched the last day. I turned it on excited to watch the first day, well I thought I was excited and then got a bit dirty and didn’t want to watch it so I flicked it off. Obviously, it rained as well for the first day,” Tim Paine signed off.

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