To avoid hot-drop clashes, there are 5 ideal landing sites on Free Fire’s Purgatory map


The Purgatory map in Free Fire is without a doubt one of the most visually appealing. It features a varied scenery, numerous hiding areas, and plenty of open room for players to explore.

Despite the stunning scenery, the level contains some of the game’s most dangerous hot-drop sites. However, by landing at relatively quiet drop places, players can simply avoid these early-game conflicts.

To avoid hot-drops, drop at these areas in the Purgatory Free Fire map.5) Moathouse

In Free Fire, the Moathouse is the safest spot to land. It’s secluded and surrounded on all sides by water. When a player lands here and secures the territory, they can pillage with ease.

The main disadvantage of this site is its distance from the map’s center. Rotating will be a problem. Furthermore, if the enemy has established a foothold on the mainland, players will face heavy fire as they approach the main island.

4) A fork in the road

Crossroads is another remote drop site on the map’s western outskirts. Due of its remote location, players rarely arrive here. This location, on the other hand, is ideal for a laid-back game.

This is one of the better landing spots, with plenty of riches and few opponents. The only disadvantage is that you’ll have to spin towards the map’s center. The voyage will take some time.

3) Campground

Fields can become an active zone in some games, although they are always safe. It has good treasure and plenty of room to rotate. This area is ideal for aggressive players who wish to secure key intersections or rotate outwards in search of opponents.

1) Ski Resort

In Free Fire’s Purgatory map, the Ski Lodge is a near-perfect landing spot. It has decent treasure, plenty of places to hide, and easy rotation options. Even though just a few opponents will appear here in each encounter, players should have little difficulty dealing with them.

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