To reach Heroic tier in November 2021, here are the top 5 free Fire rank push tips for newbies


To provide a far more intense battle royale experience, Free Fire uses a strict tier ranking system. Players can raise their level to higher tiers in order to compete against more skilled opponents and enhance their talents.

Heroic is one of the most prestigious levels in the game, and it comes with a plethora of fantastic rewards for players. Those that make it there will be rewarded with 5000 gold coins as well as a stunning avatar.

Free Fire Rank Pushing Tips for Beginners to Get to Heroic

5) Choose drop location carefully

Landing in Free Fire is vital (Image via Garena)

Players who want to advance to the Heroic tier should arrive first and quickly at their selected landing spot. It will assist them in obtaining valuable treasure and keeping a watch on the enemy’s landing area.

Users can devise effective strategies to wipe out the opposing team and earn extra tier ranking points through kill points.

4) Weapon choice

Another suggestion for beginners who want to progress to the Heroic tier is to have a diverse weapon selection. For easier gaming, players should utilize guns with reduced recoil.

SMGs and Assault Rifles with low recoil, a fair rate of fire, and high damage per hit are plentiful.

3) Character selection

Character selection can be beneficial in Free Fire (Image via Garena)

More than 30 characters are available in Free Fire. Gamers can rank push by utilizing their skills. These characters have special abilities such as healing zones, increased movement speed, and more.

Some of the best Free Fire characters for novices include DJ Alok, Chrono, A124, and Wukong, who can push tiers to Heroic.

2) Survival is important

Survival will offer more tier points (Image via Garena)

Survival is the most important aspect of ranking up to Heroic tiers. To get more tier ranking points, a user must make it to the final zones. It will assist them in moving up the leaderboards.

Players who survive to the match’s final zones get more tier points in Free Fire.

1) Improve aim and accuracy

The best advice for newcomers to Free Fire is to practice their aim and accuracy. It will assist them in gaining confidence in close-combat situations.

They can enhance their accuracy by adjusting their sensitivity settings or practicing in the training fields with the control layout.

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