To transfer your PUBG Mobile data to Battlegrounds Mobile India, you have until July 5th. How to Go About It


From July 6, Krafton has stated that the opportunity to transfer PUBG Mobile data to Battlegrounds Mobile India will be temporarily disabled. You should migrate your data right now because they have not stated when it will be available again. Here’s what you should do…

Battlegrounds Mobile India has now been officially released, and all Android users can download the game from the Google Play Store, regardless of whether they pre-registered or not. About a month after the beta test early-access version was launched, the official edition of the much-anticipated battle royale and alternative to PUBG Mobile India is now available to the general public. We already told you how to get Battlegrounds Mobile India’s official edition, as well as how to update the game from the early access version to the official version if you downloaded it in May. But there’s one more thing you need to accomplish before the clock runs out.

Krafton informed on social media that the data transmission service between PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India will be temporarily stopped down starting July 6 and will remain offline until further notice. Because Krafton has not stated when the service will be available again, it is recommended that you transfer your data now. “We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the data transfer’s brief suspension. Those who prefer to move their data should do so before July 6th, according to Krafton, who added that this “data transfer service” is being offered “in order to safely secure the data of Indian fans.”

All PUBG Mobile Nordic Map: Livik (earlier app) players can move their account info to Battlegrounds Mobile India (the new app).

– Pre-registration prizes are available for these data transfer accounts.

So, if you have played PUBG Mobile, you can import your data into Battlegrounds Mobile India. On its website, Krafton has also detailed all of the data and items that can be moved.

Krafton will almost certainly bring back the opportunity to transfer the data at a later date, but you still have until July 5 to do so. The data transfer procedure is really straightforward. Here’s what you should do…

How do I move my PUBG Mobile data to Battlegrounds Mobile India?

1. On your Android smartphone, launch the Battlegrounds Mobile India game.

2. Accept the terms of service and log in using your Facebook or Twitter account. Make sure you connect in with the same social media account you used to play PUBG Mobile. Accept the Terms of Service at this point.

3. After you’ve established a new character in Battlegrounds Mobile India, a pop-up will appear asking if you wish to proceed with account data transfer. Select ‘Agree’ from the drop-down menu.

4. A new window will appear, allowing you to choose which SNS (social networking service) account from the older app (PUBG Mobile) you wish to transfer data to the new account in the new app (Battleground Mobile India).

5. A new popup will appear, asking if you wish to transfer the data from the previous app. Select “Agree” from the drop-down menu.

6. If you accidentally select the incorrect social media account, you can add or alter the linked account later from the game settings. You can link up to two social network accounts at once in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

7. After you click “Agree,” a notification will appear stating that the data from the previous account has been successfully moved to the new account.

The entire list of data and in-game goods that will be transferred may be found here.

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