To update Minecraft 1.17 Java Edition to version 1.17.1, follow the steps below.


One of the key reasons for Minecraft’s enormous success and popularity is the satisfying game updates that it receives every year. Mojang launched the first phase of the much anticipated Caves and Cliffs update last month, following a wonderful nether update.

The purpose of the Minecraft 1.17 update was to get the game ready for the next 1.18 release. Regardless, this update added a ton of new material, including new creatures, blocks, and objects. Over 100 blocks and items were added in the first part of Caves and Cliffs.

Mojang is preparing to release a small update to correct flaws and crashes caused by the 1.17 upgrade, similar to past significant updates. If no serious bugs are reported, the update will be issued on July 6th.

Update to version 1.17.1 of Minecraft 1.17 Java Edition.

All players who already possess a copy of Minecraft will be able to get the 1.17.1 update for free. Around 8:00 a.m. PST, this update should be available. The release date, however, is subject to change, so keep checking the launcher for updates.

The update will be available to download as soon as it is released tomorrow. To get the 1.17.1 update, follow these steps:

Players need Minecraft launcher to install the 1.17.1 update. Download and install it from here, if not already installed.

Switch over to the “Installations” tab.From here, players have to choose the 1.17.1 version and make a fresh installation.

The launcher will install the 1.17.1 update on the PC.

That’s it. Mojang prefers to keep the update process simple and easy to do for everybody.

Major issues have been fixed in the 1.17.1 version.

The 1.17.1 update adds no new material but addresses a slew of flaws introduced in the 1.17 version. Take a look at some of the official bugs that will be repaired in the next Minecraft version.

  • Pistons and dispensers can be used to create ghost blocks using powder snow.
  • Captured axolotl constantly tries to leave water.
  • Long jumps by goats are not affected by the jump boost effect.
  • Withers are now affected by potion effects.
  • Small dripleaf is consumed without being placed when used on tall seagrass.
  • Very long loading pause while booting the game
  • Blue axolotls can spawn naturally.
  • Diamond ore distribution changed between 1.16.5 and 1.17.

Apart from that, Mojang has fixed a slew of technical issues. In 1.17, they also addressed the issue of diamond ore generation.

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