Today’s free Fire rewards: How to get a free Quadri Lava Weapon Loot Crate and Magnificent Mayur Loot Box


The Free Fire Diwali 2021 events will start in a few days, but Garena has already put up a few events for the Indian server in preparation for the holiday. The majority of these events offer exclusive in-game awards that players may earn for free by participating.

According to data miner KnightClown, the developers recently released the first look at the Free Fire Diwali 2021 event, and players can expect a slew of exciting rewards, including the Greeting emote, The Flying Diya, Magnificent Mayur, Light Surfer, Magic Feathers Backpack, and Gloo Wall – Stick No Bills.

Although the events are still a week away, gamers can still enter to win additional prizes by participating in current Free Fire activities. Here are some of the freebies that are available right now.

Today’s free Fire gifts include Quadri Lava Weapon Loot Crate, Katana – Sword of Honor, Magnificent Mayur Loot Box, and more.

Boyaah Missions that started recently will be completed today. If you wish to earn the Magnificent Mayur Loot Box, you must participate in the missions event. Players must win a set amount of matches to receive things in this event.

Meanwhile, the 3x Quadri Lava Weapon Loot Crate and Katana – Sword of Honor are included in Diwali Top Up 2. To obtain these things, players must purchase/upgrade 100 and 300 diamonds, respectively.

In the game, there is also a Prisoner package that can be obtained by playing the new Red Light, Green Light mode. Garena has created a few sub-events where players can obtain each Prisoner item individually. To obtain the Prisoner package, Sportskeeda has detailed the steps that must be followed:

-To play, download the following patch: 1x Diamond Royale Voucher + Prisoner (Top)

-Participate in 5 matches of Prisoner (Shoes)-

-Play 10 games as a prisoner (Pants)

-Climb the ranks to the top five: Detainee (Head)

Charge the Portal, which is already online and offers up to 130 energy points, is also available. To get energy points, players must complete daily assignments. They must achieve the milestones in order to receive awards, which are worth 50, 90, and 130 energy points, respectively.

While they are presently running on Garena’s BR title, Diwali celebrations will begin on October 25, according to the leakers’ calendar-

Lone Wolf Mode will be available on October 25, 2021.

Come Home – Charge the Portal – October 25, 2021

Diwali Hampers – Pick Your Own – October 29, 2021

Rang De Rangoli will be released on October 29, 2021.

Countdown to Diwali 2021 – November 2nd

The deadline to claim your free Magic Cube is November 4, 2021.

November 4, 2021 – Diwali Party

Gifts for the After-Party – November 5, 2021

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