Top 10 best pro player in free fire


Do you want to be the best in your free fire game? Here we talk about world best pro player in free fire game.


This is a seasoned Free Fire player that has played over 1300 Squad games in Season 12’s placement mode. NayeemAlam looks to be a useful player in Squad mode, although he doesn’t feature in many performances or DUO games. He got the Platinum IV level and the top 27% components in Free Fire with an all-out score of 2497. The player is now at level 68. Furthermore, he is a member of the ‘WHATTHEF*CK’ gang.


Gyan is a full-fledged member of the YOUTUBER faction. Gyan, with a total score of 2568 and a Platinum IV level, is also in the top 27%. This elite Free Fire player also has a YouTube channel called Gyan Gaming, which has 20.3 lakh subscribers. On his YouTube channel, he broadcasts his games, advice, and features, as well as fascinating minutes.

Sudip Sarkar

Sudip Sarkar, a Free Fire expert player, remains in the eighth position. In this Elite Pass season 12, he got a score of 2653 and a space in the top 22%. Presently his level is Diamond I. He additionally fills in as a Free Fire decoration and YouTuber. Sudip Sarkar’s YouTube channel isn’t as well known as Gyan Gaming, yet it despite everything got 2.59 lakh supporters. Particularly, his KD rate and headshot rate is really high. Clearly, Sarkar is a sharpshooter with an extraordinary headshot aptitude.


This Free Fire brilliant player is a member of the Arrow family’s Team I. Ajjubhai94 scored 2922 points, placing him in the top 11% of all players. Diamond III is his current level. Ajjubhai94 is also a skilled Free Fire player who specializes in Squad games. Fundamentally, the victorious speed of this key portion is genuinely equal in solo, duo, and squad play. In addition, his KD rate (4.04 in Squad mode) is incredible.

B o l t

This character, like a desolate officer, is currently unattached to any civilization. Jolt received 2289 focuses, placing him in the top 38%. His level in three game types, like ajjubhai94’s, is comparable to a KD rate of more than 3 and a headshot rate of more than 20%. It’s Bolt if you’re looking for India’s best Free Fire player, someone who has great shooting skills and never loses focus in a game.

TSG Ritik

This Free Fire player is yet another TSG Army component. Ritik is among the top 22% of parts in Free Fire and received Diamond I rating in season 12 with a total score of 2616. Despite the fact that his KD and headshot rates are not as high as some of the other members on this list, he is still an important Squad member of TSG Army, contributing to the group’s success in the national qualification phase of the Asia Invitation tournament.

S K Sabir

S K Sabir Free Fire is a member of the BOSS organization. He is ranked in the top 22% of the season with a score of 2669 and the level Diamond I. This Free Fire expert player has a level that is truly amazing. In solo games, his KD rate is only 2.72 percent, but his headshot rate is more than 26%. In any event, he has an alarmingly high KD rate of 8.45 in the DUO game, although his headshot rate is more reasonable (around 11 percent ). His KD and headshot rates are very excellent at the Squad level (4.85 and over 18 percent ). When fighting alone, this player appears to be a sniper, but when accompanied by others, Sabir transforms into a true tracker. His KD rate is incredible. For his incredible level, particularly in team mode, he deserves the title of Top 10 Free Fire Major Parts in India.


Rakesh00007 is another member of the BOSS organization, as well as the greatest player in Free Fire with a stellar career. Rakesh00007, like his buddy S K Sabir Free Fire, has an incredible KD and headshot rate. Your mentality will be overwhelmed if you learn about his professional standing. Due to the fact that he only played one performance game, his KD and headshot rates are 2.00 and 100%, respectively. However, in the team and Squad modes, where this player excels, his KD rates are 7.08 and 6.31, respectively, and his headshot rates are consistently over 42%. What a beauty! He acquired 3143 focuses and a Heroic level during this Elite pass season.


This Free Fire professional player is also a member of the BOSS organization, which is ranked in the top 1% of the world, as Rakesh00007. He also received a high score of 3212 as well as the Heroic level. JIGS only played Squad games in positional mode this season. It’s a good idea to focus on one favorite mode to rank up quickly in this battle royale game since you’ll be able to collect guides faster and reach higher milestones.

TSG Jash

TSG Jash, a member of TSG Squad, is the most important player on this list. In case you didn’t know, TSG Army was one of two Indian delegates that took part in the Free Fire Asia Invitation 2019. Jash is in the top 1% of Free Fire main sections on the globe, with an incredible level. TSG Jash achieves top scores in each component, such as headshot rate, K/D rate, victories, and executes, in every game style, including Solo, Duo, and Squad. The gamer received a Heroic level and a high score of 3354 in Elite Pass Season 12. TSG Jash is now India’s top Free Fire player, with this notable level.

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