Top 10 bundles of Free fire


Free Fire is the world’s most popular and downloaded battle royale game. Players can employ a variety of characters, guns, skins, and other items in this game. They can also utilize a variety of costumes, which they can get for free by unlocking via events and objectives. We shall, however, examine the rare bundles in Gardena free fire that every player aspires to obtain.

Top 10 rare bundles in Free fire

Criminal bundle

Each royale’s criminal bundle is found in the second incubator. Red criminal, Purple criminal, Blue criminal, and Yellow criminal are the four criminal packages available in free fire. However, in Season 8, the fortunate star event was introduced, in which the player might collect the lucky star token and receive the green criminal bundle in the free fire. As a result, there are now five criminal packages in all. The green criminal bundle is the rarest of all the criminal bundles in the free fire game.

Sakura bundle

It’s a free fire bundle with a horned head and a beautiful bundle that comes with the first season elite pass. It’s the most sought-after bundle, and everyone wants to get their hands on it for free. The male bundle of sakura and its head is currently the most popular among Free fire players.

Hip hop bundle

The hip hop bundle was included in the free fire’s second elite pass. Every gamer wants to gather this bundle due of its unique style. Because it’s the only bundle in the game with a printed ‘Garena’ emblem, the hip hop bundle is unique and valuable in the free-fire.

Winter land male bundle

The Winterland male bundle was introduced during the Christmas season in the game. It is also well-known among the players due to its good aesthetics. Only a few people have unlocked it so far, which makes it an uncommon item.

Breakdancer bundle

This bundle was available in the gold royale area of the luck royal sector, and it was a big hit during last year’s Dewali wishing event.
The breakdancer bundle is back in the game, but only a few Free fire players may get it with diamonds.

Samurai bundle

The samurai is the unique and stylish bundle in the Free fire. This bundle becomes famous at the time of its release. And because of its appearance, it’s a heart-wining item till now.

Bunny bundle

The Bunny Bunny’s head is shaped like a rabbit, and most YouTubers wear it to show off to their viewers.

Joker bundle

The joker bundle is also the most sought-after of the diamond royal and incubator royal bundles. There are 5 male joker bundles and 5 female joker bundles in total, each with their own distinct appearance.

Bandit bundle

This bundle is available in diamond royale. And the bandit’s luck royale portion became in popularity, with most gamers opting for the vest of bandit package. The Bandit bundle debuted last year during the magic base event, and many players were able to unlock it for free. Most players, however, still do not have this item in their vault, and it is quite rare.

Artic blue bundle

This bundle may be found under the royal luck department. However, in the previous year, the majority of gamers received an Artic blue bundle at the Free Fire wishing event in Dewali.

The Free Fire Best Bundle must be an incredible incentive for players in this game. In Free Fire, there are a variety of ways to obtain these themed and unique packages. Diamonds can be used to unlock a variety of unique packages. However, there are a few unique bundles that can only be obtained through lucky spins. Furthermore, after completing event missions, you may receive a large number of special bundles in some short events and top-up events. These are the 10 Free Fire bundles with the highest rarity.

Graceful Beast Bundle is the best Free Fire bundle for many players. It was inspired by the “Beauty and the Beast” folk tale. Graceful Beast Top, Graceful Beast Bottom, Graceful Beast Shoes, and Graceful Beast Headgear are among the four items in this bundle to collect. This unique bundle debuted in Free Fire during the Valentine’s Day celebration. The lucky spin in the Valentine Party event 2019 gave players a chance to win it. Then you can equip this bundle to your male character and use it to protect your Princess as a Beast Prince.

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