Top 15 best emotes in Free fire


Free Fire is one of the most popular war games available in the app stores. In the Google Play Store, the game has a stellar rating of 4.1. The game has many interesting features. Emotes are one of the most popular features for gamers. While some free photos are free, some must be purchased with diamonds in the store. In August 2021, this post explores the seven best free icons under 400 diamonds.

Thumbnails help you express your feelings, whether you are happy, sad, happy or angry. Dancing, jumping, rowing, and many other popular images in the free fire have their own unique effect, appearance, style and performance. And Final Fantasy players wish to collect all the icons, from the most recent to the oldest, to use them in a variety of situations. So, today we are going to talk about the most attractive icons in Free Fire that you should use.

FF WC throne

The FF WC throne is a Free Fire emote with incredible style and appearance. This emoticon was available during the Pro Gamer’s Wish event, and players can buy it with diamonds.


In free fire, selfie emote is a fictional emote. According to Rank token, a small number of players have unlocked this emote super selfie. It is still an emote state that has been hit hard by a different way of taking selfies with the knocker.

Pirate flag

You can use the pirate emote flag to declare victory after removing your opponent. For the first time, it emerged from a pirate preparation ceremony. The pirate flags were received by most of the players during the event, and they are still the most popular emote.

Top Dj

In Free Fire, emote is best suited for the character DJ Alok. About 60% of the players have a top DJ with 599 diamonds because of its beautiful style and beauty.

Eat my dust

The most widely used emote at the Graffiti Extension event. Eat My Dust is an extremely attractive island used by players to show off their heroic status in the reception area.


When it comes to ’emote party event’ on Free fire, ‘booyah emotes’ have become the talk of the town. Many players get it above the diamond during that event. The booyah emote is still everyone’s favorite because of its splendor and ease of use.

Tea time

The emote was available during the two-wheeled event, and some players were able to find tea time by circling the diamonds. It is now considered rare in FF.

I am rich

The emote “I’m Rich” is a popular emote in Free Fire that was first introduced during the popular emote event. This emoticon has a beautiful look and a beautiful style. The title “rich” means that you are a rich athlete who sleeps well in a golden bed.

Booyah captions

The ‘caption booyah emote’ was first introduced during the twin wheel event, and most of the players were able to get it around the diamonds. It’s a good feeling, but it’s hard to come by these days. If a player wins on a battlefield, they use the caption booyah emote.


Emote extinction is the latest emote to come to the punch man co-op event on FF. This new emote looks great, and is popular among free firefighters.

Child Wish

The Baby Shark icon is the first on the list. As the character imitates the shark, the emote looks good. An emoticon can be purchased at the store for 399 diamonds. ‘Doooo doo doo doo doo lets go hunt.’

Death Glare

Death Glare is second only to our list of the most beautiful fireworks with less than 400 diamonds. The emote can also be purchased for 399 diamonds in the store. The player character makes a backflip and illuminates the enemy when using emote. ‘Look me in the eyes, I’ll try you,’ said the description of the game.

Dance Party

Party Dance is another fun emote that can be purchased with less than 400 gemstones on Free Fire. The emoticon looks like a DJ and is beautiful. ‘The party won’t end today!’ reads the in-game description.

Baby Shark

Shake With Me emote is fourth on the list. It’s one of the most intriguing icons, where players show off an impressive movement for a while. ‘Shake with me, let’s go!’ reads the in-game description. ‘Let’s get started!’

Shake With Me

Provoke emote is one of the most sought after icons in Free Fire. Emote is widely used to amuse opponents to check their level of ability. Its in-game description reads: ‘Bring! Let’s see what you have. ‘

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