Top 3 tips for beginners that can make him pro player


Beginners who are just getting started with Free Fire may feel intimidated and perplexed while playing against more experienced players. Before you start playing any game, it’s vital to understand the do’s and don’ts, so here are a few pointers for newcomers to Free Fire.

One of the most popular mobile games in the globe is Garena’s Free Fire. Free Fire has over 450 million registered users and over 50 million daily active players as of August 2019.

Pre-planning the drop position before jumping, as easy as it may seem, is quite useful. This saves a significant amount of time in the early game and avoids the issue of early rotation. Players can choose between landing in busy places like Clock Tower and Pochinok or landing in less populated areas like Cape Town and Hangar, depending on their play style. Hot drops provide a lot of treasure, but they’re also quite crowded, and there’s always the chance of running into opponents early on.

Don’t Waste Time Looking For Perfect Loot in Free Fire

Although the ideal scenario is to roll out with the optimal loadout, this is rarely the case. Early in the game, grab all you can and never say no to tools like Grenade and Flashbang.

Looting should be fast, and you should avoid being caught off guard while doing so. Obtaining the ideal treasure is a gradual process rather than a one-time event.

Be Ready to Fight in Free Fire

Running away from conflicts is a typical error made by inexperienced players. Take command because it is not only strategically superior, but also a healthier way to play the game.

Even though you struggle at first, with practice and more experience, you will acquire a strong mental and fighting abilities.

Make Use of Practice Mode in Free Fire

Without frequent practice in the proper direction, no one can succeed in any multi-player game. There is a training mode in the game, and it is critical that you use it correctly. New players will get an understanding of recoil patterns and bullet drops by using each weapon in training mode. It’s also a wonderful method to enhance your accuracy and have a complete understanding of the map’s various places.

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