Top 4 special characters for ranked in PUBG Mobile September 2021


Players may unlock four unique avatars in PUBG Mobile, but which one will be named the battle royale title’s king or queen?

PUBG Mobile, unlike other Battle Royale games, has unique characters who may help players gain an advantage on the virtual battlefields. While they will not compensate for weak aim or lack game sense, they will provide you a competitive advantage over your opponents. While PUBG Mobile only has four special characters, there are a handful that stand out in the current meta.

Naturally, choose which special character to use might be difficult, especially if you don’t want to squander your UC and character vouchers. You’ll want to make sure you have the finest PUBG Mobile character for the task, whether you want to acquire more kills or merely boost your chances of earning that all-important Chicken Dinner.


Carlo is a great addition to your collection if you love clambering about the battlefield and want to avoid incurring a lot of fall damage. Having a large ground advantage over your opponents is usually advantageous in PUBG Mobile, but getting down from your vantage position might be difficult at times.

While Carlo will still receive damage if he falls from a great height, his ability will substantially lessen it. This will allow you to jump on your opponents fast and execute a surprise strike.


Sara will come in handy for those who like driving about the battlefield in PUBG Mobile’s different automobiles. Sara is an adept at strengthening whatever vehicle she utilizes, providing an extra layer of protection against incoming harm.

Even if Sara is only a passenger, all squadmates who ride in the same car will earn the same reinforcement benefit. As a result, she’d be an excellent addition to any team aiming to dominate.


Victor just misses out on the top slot, but he’s still a terrific PUBG Mobile character to play. The SMG aficionado adores everything about these quick-firing guns, and his talent is solely focused on developing them.

When Victor gets his hands on any of the game’s SMGs, the player’s reloading times will be shortened. This not only allows you to sustain near-constant pressure in firefights, but it also gives you the advantage you need to shoot down your opponent during those tense encounters.


Andy was once a renowned puppeteer and skilled magician, but a terrible event sent him into a ruthless road of vengeance. While the former magician may not appear to be very intimidating, his skill to rapidly dispatch his prey is unrivaled.

Andy’s ability allows him to quickly draw out and put away his firearms, providing him an advantage in close-quarters firefights. He is the finest special character in the game because of his increased kill potential.

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