Top 5 blunders made by Free Fire players when attempting to maintain a high K/D ratio


In Free Fire, maintaining a healthy K/D ratio is a crucial component of the game. Some guilds and elite teams will only accept players with a high K/D ratio, as it demonstrates excellent skill.

It will take some time to achieve a high K/D ratio, but it is not impossible. Players will be able to accomplish their target in no time if they avoid a few basic errors.

In Free Fire, playing too aggressively will prevent you from maintaining a high K/D ratio (and 4 more mistakes to avoid) 5) Do not rush into conflicts when your opponent has the upper hand.

Rushing is a prominent strategy utilized by players in Free Fire. The strategy is straightforward and can be used to a variety of circumstances. However, there are occasions when it is preferable to not haste than to rush to death.

It’s advisable to avoid rushing in to try to obtain a kill when your opponent has an obvious advantage. This will help players maintain a low death ratio by preventing them from dying too frequently.

4) Forming alliances with strangers

While playing Free Fire as a team is enjoyable, players should avoid playing with strangers. Death in matches will become second nature due to a lack of teamwork and communication.

Those who want to keep their K/D ratio in good shape should avoid playing with random teammates at all costs. While meetings with randoms are fun, they contribute nothing to advance your stats.

3) Playing too aggressively

In Free Fire, playing aggressively offers various advantages; yet, playing aggressively too much can be detrimental. To sustain a high K/D ratio, players must know when to quit pushing their advantage in-game.

2) Picking a character but having no idea how to use it

In Free Fire, there are many of characters to pick from. Each has its own distinct characteristics and tactical use in battle. Players who do not understand how to use them properly may continue to lose matches and wind up with a low K/D ratio.

1) Implementing the wrong strategy during a match

In Free Fire, strategy is essential for securing Booyahs. There are numerous options from which to chose and execute in a number of ways. Using the incorrect one might have severe consequences, resulting in a low K/D ratio in-game.

Knowing which approach to use at different stages or in different situations throughout the game will make all the difference. Players should take a break from their games to learn more about them. to continue to lose games and wind up with a poor K/D ratio

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