Top 5 Diamond Sources in Minecraft Java Edition


Diamonds are one of Minecraft’s greatest minerals. Diamond-crafted items are extremely efficient and long-lasting.

Netherite weapons and tools are the only ones that outperform diamond-crafted things. Even if the player desires Netherite weapons and tools, diamond versions of these goods are required. This is due to the fact that Netherite cannot be used to build anything and can only be utilized to improve existing diamond gear.

The top 5 places to get diamonds in Minecraft Java Edition

5) Nether

A Nether fortress in the basalt delta biome of Minecraft

The Nether is one of three Minecraft realities that can be accessed via Nether portals.

Natural constructions such as Nether fortresses and bastion remains with loot chests can be found in the Nether world.

In bastions, players have a 15.8 percent chance of discovering 2-6 gems and a 19 percent chance of finding 1-3 diamonds.

4) End city

Massive end city in Minecraft

End towns with loot chests full of numerous important things and resources can be found on the outlying islands of the end dimension.

End ships are a component of these constructions and the game’s sole source of Elytras. In the chests of end cities, players have a 21.2 percent chance of finding up to 2-7 diamonds.

3) Caves

Diamonds can be found in caves at elevations of approximately Y15. Because the diamond ores have been uncovered in these Minecraft caverns, the only thing players will have to mine is the diamond ore itself.

These caves contain other precious things besides diamonds, such as iron.

2) Loot chests in the Overworld

Buried treasure found using treasure map

The Overworld contains a plethora of free stuff hidden inside the chests of various constructions.

Buried treasure is a great place to find gems. They have the best chance (59.9 percent) of finding 1-2 diamonds as loot inside their chests.

1) Diamond ores

Diamond and emerald ores found in Minecraft

When a player mines a diamond ore using an iron pickaxe or better, diamonds are dropped. If the player strip mines at the appropriate height (Y15), they will locate a large number of diamond ores in a few of hours.

Players can obtain several diamonds from a single ore by utilizing fortune enchantments. A pickaxe enchanted with Fortune 3 can drop up to 4 diamonds per ore.

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