Top 5 emotes in the free fire game August 2021


There are many emotes in the free fire game. Here we talk about best top 5 emotes in the free fire game.

Garena Free Fire is a popular shooter game because of its informal, laid-back atmosphere. Characters, costumes, pets, gun skins, gloo wall skins, and emotes are all available to players. Emotes make the in-game persona more entertaining. Players can choose between basic emotes and legendary emotes with additional animations.

Five most sought after legendary emotes in Free Fire as of 2021

FFWC Throne

The FFWC Throne emote was one of the most memorable moments of the 2019 Free Fire World Cup. The emote has unique effects and has grown in popularity among gamers. When you press the emote button, a regal golden throne appears. After that, the figure sits on the throne and strikes a posture.

Flowers of Love

Flowers of Love was launched in time for the 2019 Valentine’s Day Event. The emoticon immediately gained popularity after its introduction. The in-game character squats on a knee and pulls out a flower when the emote button is pressed. This is one of the most popular emotes due to its adorable motion.

Top DJ

DJ Alok inspired the Top DJ emote, which is generally included with the DJ Alok package. The emote may also be purchased individually. A floating DJ console emerges when you press the emote button. The in-game character then transforms into a DJ and dances about.


One of the reasons the Doggie emote is so popular is because of its beautiful puppy. When you press the emote button, a cute dog appears and dances with the player’s character. Surprisingly, the Doggie emote was one of the guaranteed prizes in the Super Draw during the Emote Party event.

Tea Time

During the Dual Spin event, Tea Time was introduced as a big reward. The emote’s animation is pretty interesting. A light blue table and chair appear when you press the emote button. After that, the in-game character sits at the table and drinks tea. The character’s HP does not change as a result of the tea.

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