Top 5 Free Fire tips for employing smoke, flashbang, and decoy grenades


Despite having the strongest weapons, players in Garena Free Fire frequently lose. The cause of the loss can range from bad luck to a poor strategy in a match.

It can also work against them if they don’t use smokes, flashbangs, or decoy grenades. Users can use utility items to gain various tactical advantages in a match.

Beginners, on the other hand, frequently make mistakes when utilizing flashbangs, decoys, or smoke grenades. As a result, they should keep a few pointers in mind to assist them get the most out of such things.

How to utilize smoke, flashbang, and decoy grenades in Garena Free Fire

1) It’s crucial to be on time.

Timing of using grenades is crucial in Free Fire (Image via Arrow gaming/YouTube)

Each grenade has a predetermined timer after which it is activated, therefore the release time is critical. If users throw it before or after a certain time, the advantage they bring in Free Fire may be nullified.

2) Flashbangs blind and deafen

Flashbang grenades completely blind opponents for a short time (Image via 4G GAMERS/YouTube)

Players can use flashbangs to surprise foes if they are within range of a sneak strike. These bombs can momentarily blind and deafen adversaries, allowing users to charge in and exterminate them.

3) Distract with smoke

It is easy to distract enemies using smoke in Free Fire (Image via Arrow gaming/YouTube)

Gamers are frequently ensnared in matches by their opponents. To create a distraction, they typically use smoke grenades. In a Free Fire match, throwing one in an opposite direction can cause confusion and open an opening for escape.

4) To deceive, use a decoy.

Decoy grenades are the best options to deceive the enemies (Image via Pri Gaming/YouTube)

Decoy grenades’ main purpose is to create a duplicate character for players for a brief period of time, which is a great technique to fool opponents and lead them into a trap. When hunting for adversaries, though, one must keep timing in mind and retain stealth.

5) For rushing, use any grenade.

Smoke and rush is a good strategy in Free Fire (Image via Arrow gaming/YouTube)

Each grenade has a distinct purpose, since they are all meant to deceive adversaries. As a result, each of them can be used to attack adversaries. They may construct a virtual fog wall with smoke grenades and neutralize the senses using flashbangs. Furthermore, fake grenades can deceive opponents.

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