Top 5 goalkeepers to watch in Serie A in 2021-22


Arguably, no other league gives us the perfect attack-defense balance as much as Serie A. A league that was once the seedbed of world-class defenders has now transitioned itself into nothing less than an intense one.

Inter Milan’s dethroning of Juventus for the Scudetto means this term fans can expect a lot from Italy’s top-flight football. As mentioned earlier, the perfect balance is what makes Serie A one of the most sought-after leagues in the world.

A forward’s job often gets difficult over here. Such is the challenge put forth him by the defensive line. It takes a ‘little extra’ to get the ball past these walls. Like any other Serie A season, 2021-22 too brings us the best of such ‘defensive walls’.

The goalkeepers in Serie A bring in that sturdiness and there are only a few who can match the way they command the game from behind.

On the same note, let’s take a look at a few such names in this article.

Top five goalkeepers to watch in the 2021-22 Serie A season#5 Alex Meret (Napoli)

Alex Meret is most likely to be Napoli

Alex Meret’s journey to Napoli from Udinese was in an attempt to improve his chances of grabbing silverware.

However, he started off in a rotational role with Napoli’s other goalkeeping option — David Ospina. Things took a bad turn for the Italian as the club’s reins went into the hands of Gennaro Gattuso. Meret was eventually relegated to the bench.

Alex Meret’s fortune had something else in the waiting for him. A suspension for the Colombian meant Meret would be standing between the sticks for Napoli in the Coppa Italia 2020 final versus Juventus. His heroics helped Napoli lift the trophy after extra time.

Subsequently, Meret got into the good books of his coach, who, however, left the club by the end of last season. Regardless, Meret remains the favorite to be Napoli’s numero uno under their new manager.

4 Samir Handanović (Inter Milan)

Samir Handanović bagged 15 clean sheets (the most) in Serie A 2020/21

Ending Juventus‘ nine-year-long successful run isn’t an easy feat. The Inter goalkeeper, who also happens to be their skipper, was at the helm when Inter Milan brought the trophy home after 10 years.

Throughout the title-winning year, the Slovenian conceded just 33 goals off 38 games and managed to keep 15 clean sheets.

Inter Milan are looking forward to continuing their feat as they attempt to shift the Serie A powerhouse from Turin to Milan once again. And amidst all this, Handanovic remains a name that can’t be missed.

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