Top 5 ideas for Free Fire players in Season 24 to boost rank without camping


Pushing for higher ranks in Free Fire might be perilous at times. Camping has become a prevalent practice utilized by players as they strive to rack up as many kills as possible per match.

While camping is effective, it is also quite restrictive in nature, limiting players’ ability to do much. There are more successful ways to rank push in-game, and readers can learn them by following a few guidelines.

Free Fire: The Most Effective Ways to Improve Your Rank in Season 24

5) Play it safe by being passive

In Free Fire, playing a passive or cautious game is one of the most effective strategies to quickly advance in rank. Because conflicts are purposefully avoided, the chances of being eliminated early in the game are small.

All players need to do is loot and rotate from one strategic location to another. By the time the end-game begins, they will have enough supplies to outlast opponents.

4) Avoid landing in hotdrop zones

Hotdrop zones are dangerous in Free Fire because aggressive players often land there to score early game kills. Players that want to rank up in Free Fire should avoid such spots and instead land in safer areas.

3) Master the sniper to get kills at long range

In Free Fire, mastering the sniper rifle will help players advance in rank. Instead than engaging in close combat, players can chose their targets from afar. This lowers the chances of getting outskilled by the opponent and allows for a quick kill.

Knowing how to use the Assault and Marksman Rifles, in addition to snipers, will be extremely beneficial to gamers. They are extremely versatile weapons that may be used in a variety of situations.

2) Choose a character that has healing capabilities

When it comes to rank pushing in Free Fire, having a character who can heal other players, either actively or passively, is essential. Although medkits are a useful solution, they aren’t always sufficient.

Being able to recover without needing to stop firing becomes quite important during a long combat. Although it may not appear to be much, players will have a significant advantage over their opponents.

1) Play with an experienced team

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