Top 5 Killing Strategies in Free Fire


Getting a strong K/D ratio is one of the most critical parts of Free Fire. This is, however, easier said than done. Players will need a lot of experience to be able to score kills while staying alive at the same time.

While the endeavor may appear daunting at first, scoring kills will become simpler with practice. Players can enhance their chances faster by following a few tips.

Best tactics to achieve more kills in Free Fire

5) Adopt an aggressive playstyle

Adopting an aggressive playstyle during each Free Fire battle is an easy method to rack up more kills. While there are a few dangers to be aware of, players can easily avoid them.

vAggressive playstyles ensure that players are actively seeking out opponents to kill rather than simply attempting to secure a Booyah. Furthermore, this strategy is ideal for ranked matches, as eliminations might result in a large number of points.

4) Play with an experienced team of like-minded individuals

While playing solo in an aggressive approach is a wonderful way to gain kills, playing with an experienced team of like-minded individuals is a superior way to get more kills in Free Fire.

Every teammate’s goal will be to play aggressively and deliberately seek out opponents to eliminate as a result of this. Players will be able to secure a large number of kills, as well as a Booyah, in this fashion.

3) Try solo vs squad mode

Players can try single vs squad mode once they’ve become used to standard matches and want to earn the most kills possible in every Free Fire battle. Despite the numerous dangers, a good player may easily navigate them and get kills.

Players will be able to polish their combat skills by doing so, enhancing their reflex time, in-game critical thinking ability, and overall progression towards the playstyle.

2) Master using all weapons

It’s critical to master all of the weaponry in Free Fire if you want to get more kills. Players can’t rely on finding their favored weapon to go out and murder opponents.

Furthermore, having great proficiency with any weapon will provide players an advantage in every match, as they will be able to start getting kills in hotdrop zones as soon as they discover a weapon.

1) Land in hot drop zones

One of the surest ways to earn many kills in every Free Fire match is to land in a hot drop location. While this is a bit risky, the reward is well worth it, and if done correctly, players can walk away with half a dozen kills..

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