Top 5 Legendary Pokemon to Catch During Raid Day at Pokemon GO Fest 2021


Trainers should keep an eye out for Pokemon GO Fest 2021, as it will be an ideal time to search for legendary Pokemon.

However, players must be prepared because they will only have 8 hours to hunt. On Sunday, June 18th, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. local time, Raid Day will take place.

Raids will feature every legendary Pokemon in the game, but they will be divided into four sets that will rotate every hour. As a result, trainers will need to know which Po

They want to prioritize, kemon.

Nobody can go wrong with these five legendary Pokemon if they’re having difficulties picking which one they want.

It’s worth noting that past legendary occurrences will be included for this list. Registeel, which only had Raids a month ago, is unlikely to be ranked as highly as other Pokemon that haven’t been accessible in a long time.

Which Pokemon will be the most difficult to capture during Pokemon GO Fest?

Raikou (#5)

Image via Niantic

In Pokemon GO, electric types are always strong, and Raikou is no exception. This pokemon makes excellent use of Wild Charge, a powerful move that only costs 50 energy to perform.

It may be used in conjunction with Shadow Ball, which strikes a variety of top-tier threats like as Mewtwo, Giratina, Gengar, and Metagross, as well as Volt Switch, which is a powerful rapid move.

#4 – Thundurus-Therian Forme

Image via Niantic

Given its stats and moveset, this Pokemon will keep appearing at the top of many lists like this. Since Mewtwo can run so many moves, it’s always worth catching an extra one.

Even a trainer who performs well with one Mewtwo might want to experiment with a different set. That second charge move can always be changed between Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, and other options.

There is never a reason not to have another Mewtwo.

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