Top 5 methods to keep your headshot % high in Free Fire


Headshots are difficult to get by in Free Fire. Gloo walls, constantly moving opponents, and special character abilities like Chrono’s force field must all be dealt with by the players.

Maintaining a high headshot percentage in-game, however, is not impossible. Even beginners may start hitting more headshots with ease with a little practice and the application of a few key tactics.

Top 5 tips that players can use to increase headshot stats in Free Fire

5) Always use scope attachments or fixed-scope weapons

One of the most crucial things players can do to maintain a high headshot % in Free Fire is to focus on using a scope attachment in every round. A scope attachment on a weapon allows for more accurate headshots.

Players can find scope attachments as well as weapons that come with a scope already mounted. However, in-game snipers and select special weapons, such as the XM8 and M500, are the only ones who may use this.

4) Practice firing in ADS mode for higher accuracy

Maintaining a high headshot % requires more than just having a scoped rifle. Players will need to practice shooting while aiming down the sight in order to take advantage of the tactical edge.

Because of the auto-tracking feature, Hipfire mode in Free Fire is the best technique to shoot. However, if players want to consistently get clean headshots, they must gradually transition to ADS mode and practice being scoped in while shooting.

3) Shoot in short bursts to minimize recoil and bullet spread

Shooting in short bursts is one of the simplest ways to enhance headshot stats in Free Fire. The longer a player keeps the fire button pressed, the less accurate the weapon becomes. Recoil and crosshair bloom go out of control, and bullets rarely hit their intended target.

Short bursts of fire will allow gamers to land more headshots on their target while avoiding recoil issues. Players can even shoot single shots to achieve maximum precision if they want to fine-tune this strategy even further.

2) Use a character that provides aim bonuses

In Free Fire, several characters grant a direct or indirect boost to aim and headshot damage. Laura is by far the finest of the characters, since her ability helps players to land more accurate headshots.

Players gain a passive bonus from her particular “Sharp Shooter” skill, which grants them greater accuracy when scoped in. The talent grants a ten percent accuracy bonus at level one, increasing to a whooping 35 percent at level six.

1) Practice makes perfect

In Free Fire, simply reading the following techniques will not help you maintain a high headshot %. To see results, readers must take the material and put it into practice.

Because most players prefer hipfire mode, switching to ADS to improve their headshot accuracy will take some time. Players will be nailing headshots with ease in no time with a little effort and patience.

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