Top 5 methods to use gloo barriers in Free Fire to gain an advantage in the end zone


Gloo walls are a lifesaver in Free Fire, since they can provide not just cover but also a tactical edge to players who know how to use them. Unlike other battle royale games, where players might be caught out in the open at the end zone, players in Free Fire can easily defend themselves thanks to gloo barriers.

While gloo walls have their place in early-game confrontations, when used effectively in the end zones, they offer a wide range of tactical options and advantages. With that said, it’s time to learn how to employ gloo walls to obtain an end zone edge in Free Fire.

Top 5 end zone benefits provided by gloo barriers in Free Fire

1) Rushing the enemy

In Free Fire, the final zone may be quite tense. When there are bullets flying around, playing conservatively isn’t always the greatest option. Rushing the adversary can sometimes pay off and lead to a win.

While there is some risk involved, aggressively pushing with the Gloo Wall is an incredible way to take the fight to the enemy and either displace or eradicate them.

2) Healing

Most skilled players will utilize snipers to pick off players, thus lying low in the open and trying to heal during the last stages of the round is not a good option. This is where the gloo wall comes into play, providing much-needed relief for players wishing to heal and rejoin the fight.

3) Revive teammates

The ability to quickly set down a gloo wall in front of a knocked down teammate is one of the most crucial ways that gloo walls provide an end zone advantage.

In Free Fire, the last thing any team wants is for a teammate to be taken out at the end of the game, leaving the team with a player shortage. Skilled players can use the gloo wall as cover to revive teammates and get them back into the fight.

4) Revolving

Rotation is one of the best uses for gloo walls in Free Fire’s end zones. In-game, erecting a gloo wall to divert the enemy’s attention and rotating to get a better shot or gain a tactical advantage is invaluable.

While it may be difficult to execute, using a gloo wall for rotations is by far the most effective strategy to confound end zone opponents. However, be aware that if the enemy outwits the player, this strategy may backfire.

5) Advantage in height

Players can stack gloo walls and climb them to acquire a better viewpoint in open areas when there are no structures to provide a tactical height advantage. While this method is extremely effective, it does necessitate the use of two or more gloo walls at the same time.

This tactic should only be employed if players have a well-thought-out strategy; otherwise, the gloo walls will be useless, and players will be entirely defenseless if no cover can be found.

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